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RMG Staffing is a leading event staffing agency in Miami, providing dedicated staff for events and ceremonies since 2007.

Event staffing

We aim to provide trained event staff to different brands, hotels, restaurants, and businesses to help them grow their brand and manage events successfully.

Whether you are a brand owner or hotel manager or a man arranging a personal or corporate event and need a well-trained and professional staff, you should contact RMG staffing recruitment services in Miami. Our customers’ testimonials portray our professionalism. We are hopeful that you will enjoy our services too.

A great event always requires an excellent and professional staff. We are aware that every event represents an important date for the client, and our staff understands it well. Therefore, our staff members are always on time and perform their duties to make the special day memorable for you. Miami is culturally diverse, so we train our staff to understand cultural dates.

We hire the best possible staff in Miami, who possess the talent and enough training to pull off your event without any hitch. We always hire people with remarkable professionalism, work ethic, and personality to handle your tasks successfully. All our staff members are experienced and will react and offer suggestions based on their real-life experiences. Additionally, we provide all the labor necessary for every Miami event ranging from bartenders to waiters, servers, charismatic greeters, skilled caterers, and promotional staff. You will enjoy working with our professional and highly trained staff members.

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Whether you are planning a private or corporate party or a wedding, you can count on our highly experienced and skilled bartenders. A good Bartender should have a fantastic personality to entertain your guests. In short, a bartender plays a significant role in setting your event atmosphere. When Hiring RMG staff, we guarantee that our bartenders will be highly experienced with a gorgeous personality and have the skillset to make delicious cocktails and themed drinks for your guests.

Promotional Staff

Promotional event staff is compulsory to represent your brand professionally. They are usually helpful at the brand inauguration and promotional ceremonies. We always have the best brand ambassadors in the city to promote your business efficiently to every visitor, customer, partner, or anyone they interact with. Our promotional staff has outstanding communication skills and marketing tactics to present your brand to everyone in a very effective way.


You always need fast and professional waiters to serve food and drinks to your guests in the event and provide excellent wait service for guest's satisfaction. If you hire waiters from RMG staffing, you will get experienced and skilled waiters who know how to cater to all the guests effectively throughout an event period. Our event staffing Miami services relies on our vast experience of waiters experience of full time jobs experts that work for the most luxurious hotels in Miami.

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Corporate Events

Corporate events are remarkable for anyone, and every organizer wants high-quality staff there because people from their business community notice their standard and services here. The good news is that RMG staffing has already arranged many corporate events in your town and has excellent reviews due to remarkable services.
So, if you want staff for fashion events, inauguration ceremonies, company launches, art events, milestone celebrations, staff appreciation, or any other corporate event, RMG staff members are ready to provide quality services to add colors to your event.

Event Staffing Agency

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Private Event

If you want staff for any private event with your friends and family members like birthday parties, anniversary dinners, weddings, cocktail parties, or newborn welcome parties. In that case, our staff members will get to your location and help you arrange the event according to your theme.

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