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RMG Event Staffing Agency is here to help you create a memorable event with an impressive staff from all across South Florida.

We aim to provide trained event staff to different brands, hotels, restaurants, and businesses to help them grow their brand and manage events successfully.

Whether you are a brand owner, hotel manager, or a person arranging a personal or corporate event and need a well-trained and professional staff, you should contact RMG staffing recruitment services in Miami. We are one of the top event staffing agencies in Miami, Florida. Our customers’ testimonials portray our professionalism. We are hopeful that you will enjoy our services too.

A great event always requires an excellent and professional staff. We know that every event represents an important date for the client, and the team of our event staffing agency understands it well. Therefore, our staff members are always on time and perform their duties to make the special day memorable for you. Miami is culturally diverse, so we train our staff to understand cultural dates.

We hire the best possible staff in Miami with the talent and training to pull off your event without any hitch. We always hire people with remarkable professionalism, work ethic, and personality to handle your tasks successfully. All our staff members are experienced and will react and offer suggestions based on their real-life experiences. 

Additionally, we provide all the labor necessary for every Miami event ranging from bartenders to waiters, servers, charismatic greeters, skilled caterers, and promotional staff. You will enjoy working with our event staffing agency’s professional and highly trained staff members.

People Are Our Most Valuable Resource

The best event staffing agencies provide high service levels to job seekers and promotional events staffing clients.

Looking for an agency to help you fill your promotional events position? RMG Staffing is ready to help you accelerate your search.

Every event is an exceptional experience. There are many things to focus on, from entertaining the guests to meeting a budget and solving any unexpected last-minute situation that can appear while preparing or delivering the event. We have been there many times, and we understand it. However, your event can go smoother when you have a team of dependable, professional, and friendly staff.

RMG Staffing is one of the best event staffing agencies in the area. We have the experience and contacts to staff your live events with motivated and collaborative workers that can make your event unforgettable for your guests. 

Why People Love RMG Staffing

An event staffing temp agency can help you find temporary, temp-to-hire, and direct hire staff for your events.

Whether the event is large or small, we can provide additional staff when you need extra support.

Our extensive database of hospitality and events personnel and our network of businesses allow us to match the best talent with the company that needs them. Our professionals have experience in the events sector and know how to handle any hiccups or unexpected things that occur at the fast pace of a live presential event

The advantage of hiring an event staffing temp agency is that it can allow you to be flexible and request personnel as needed according to the event’s scale. 

We provide event staffing for roles such as brand ambassadors, bartenders, catering staff, and model staff.


Whether you plan a private or corporate party or a wedding, you can count on our highly experienced and skilled bartenders. A good Bartender should have a fantastic personality to entertain your guests. In short, a bartender plays a significant role in setting your event atmosphere. When Hiring RMG staff, we guarantee that our bartenders will be highly experienced with a gorgeous personalities and have the skillset to make delicious cocktails and themed drinks for your guests.

Promotional Staff

The promotional event staff is compulsory to represent your brand professionally. They are usually helpful at the brand inauguration and promotional ceremonies. We always have the best brand ambassadors in the city to promote your business efficiently to every visitor, customer, partner, or anyone they interact with. Our promotional staff has outstanding communication skills and marketing tactics to effectively present your brand to everyone.


You always need fast and professional waiters to serve food and drinks to your guests during the event and provide excellent wait service for guests' satisfaction. Our event staffing Miami services rely on our vast experience of waiters experience of full-time jobs experts that work for the most luxurious hotels in Miami. If you hire waiters from RMG staffing, you will get experienced and skilled waiters who know how to cater to all the guests throughout an event effectively.

RMG has more than thirteen years of experience in the event staff in Miami, and our members are well versed in handling any event. We have tremendous experience in our respective fields. In the last thirteen years, we have already shown expertise in many grand openings, live marketing, red carpet events, marriage ceremonies, fashion shows, event marketing, experiential marketing, trade shows,  and corporate parties. Our event staffing solution as an agency makes your events unique and worth remembering.

RMG is a renowned brand in Miami. We have built this name because our excellent account managers, quality services, and top-notch behavior add value to your ceremonies and events.

We have a strict employee selection procedure and always hire skillful, talented, and experienced employees to make your event successful without any hitch. We have the most significant talent database in the events industry.

RMG is a one-stop shop for all your events. Our experienced team members and planners provide quality services in Miami’s personal, private, live, and corporate events.

We offer our event staffing services throughout South Florida. 

If you need more information about promotional models, please contact us.

Corporate Events

Corporate events are remarkable for anyone, and every organizer wants high-quality staff there because people from their business community notice their standard and services here. The good news is that RMG staffing has already arranged many corporate events in your town and has excellent reviews due to remarkable services.
So, if you want staff for fashion events, inauguration ceremonies, company launches, art events, milestone celebrations, staff appreciation, or any other corporate event, RMG staff members are ready to provide quality services to add colors to your event.

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Private Event

If you want staff for any private event with your friends and family members like birthday parties, anniversary dinners, weddings, cocktail parties, or newborn welcome parties. In that case, our staff members will get to your location and help you arrange the event according to your theme.

Promotional event staffing agencies

RMG Staffing is one of the most renowned promotional event staffing agencies. We provide event experiential and marketing staff. Our professional and experienced promotional talent can help you.
We provide:

  • Brand ambassadors
  • Badge Pick-up
  • Beverage and liquor promo models
  • Bag Staffing Assembly
  • Greeters
  • Information Desk
  • Hosts or hostesses
  • On-Site Registration
  • Samplers and Street Teams
  • Photo ambassadors
  • Trade Show Models
  • Flash mobs
  • Trade Show Booth
  • Product specialists
  • And more.

Our event staff represents the leading brands in all kinds of events, such as trade shows, sporting events, and entertainment events. Contact us for more details about our brand activation and experiential marketing staffing services.

Nationwide event staffing agency

We are a nationwide event staffing agency. Therefore, although we are known as an event staffing Florida, we can deliver national staffing services across the United States for all events. Request staff today! Contact one of our experts and find out all we can do for your business.

We offer nationwide staffing in the U.S, covering all cities, no matter how large or small, we have covered. We take the time to understand our clients’ needs. That way, we can strategically recruit the best talent for every event. Whether small, big, simple, or challenging, we provide staffing solutions for our clients’ events’ specific needs and challenges.

With over 13 years of experience in the market, RMG Staffing has provided staffing solutions for numerous companies and marketing and events agencies. In all these years working as a nationwide event staffing agency, we have created an immense talent database throughout North America, which allows us to find talented professionals that can cover the roles you require.

Event staffing agency jobs

The event staffing agency jobs we offer cover all the aspects of your event, from customer service and guest relations to cleaning and food concessions. The professionals we work with are friendly, energetic, experienced, and prepared to provide the guests with the best service.

Some of the event staffing agency jobs we cover are:

  • Bartenders
  • Concessions workers
  • Doorkeepers
  • Cleaning staff
  • Food servers
  • Catering staff
  • Ticket collectors
  • Brand ambassadors, street teams, and promo models
  • Conferences and conventions staff
  • Product specialists and demonstrators
  • Event host and hostesses
  • Event managers
  • And More!

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Event Staffing Agencies Near Me

If you are looking for “event staffing agencies near me,” we are the solution you need. Although RMG is renowned for providing Event Staffing Miami, we also offer Event Staffing Florida, Event Staffing NYC, and Nationwide Event Staffing.

One advantage of looking for “Event staffing agencies near me” is that you can count on local talent that knows the culture and can transmit the local warmth and hospitality. Also, we have a database of talented professionals ready to start working as needed.

At RMG Staffing Agency, we specialize in event staffing in Miami, Florida. We know an unforgettable event requires exceptional staff to make it possible. Our event staff members are experienced and eager to help you deliver the event as planned.

We offer all the event staffing solutions you need, from providing staff for a professional business event, a convention, a party, or anything in between.

You can plan and deliver the event as you dreamed it. Let our staff help reduce the stress in an event, and you can enjoy the rest of your event. We look forward to the next opportunity to work with you. Request the best team! Contact us.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is event staffing agency?

Event staffing agencies are event partners that hire the staff with the talent, experience, and training needed in an event. An event staffing agency has full-time staff who interviews, recruits, and looks after administrative tasks related to the new event hires. These agencies have a database of talent that they match with the event required to fill a certain role, and they make sure that every person the company hires has the personality and professionalism needed to fit into their roles.  

How do you do staffing for an event?

When staffing your event team you should follow these steps:

  1. Identify all the tasks that need to be done in the event.
  2. Associate the task with the professional that could do that job.
  3. Create the job descriptions for the event staff.
  4. Recruit suitable people for the event.
  5. Provide a general induction training or a specific training for a certain role.
  6. Implement a method in which your event staff can report their completion of tasks.
  7. Evaluate and provide feedback about the tasks.
What are the types of staff in the event?

The types of staff in an event are:

  • Event Planning and Logistics Staff: Event Crew Member, event assistant, event planner.
  • General event staff and Security Staff
  • Catering Staff: chef, server, caterer, bartender, catering manager, head chef
  • Event Managing: Event coordinator, special events manager, event manager,director of events
  • Event marketing: communication specialist, marketing manager, sales lead, vendors, designer, brand ambassador, street team, and promo model.
What is an event team?

An event team is a group of people that organizes, executes, and ensures the event runs smoothly. Members of the team can have a full-time, part-time, contractor, or voluntary position. The size of the team required to run an event depends on the event size and complexity. Running an event with in-house talent or with volunteers is more affordable. However, hiring an experienced event team can provide insight, expertise, and know-how.

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