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Hospitality staff requires to have attention to detail and excellent customer service skills. This industry relies on having a great staff to leave a long-lasting impression and maintain your brand positioning.

Every person your guests interact with counts, from the porter’s welcoming message to the smile of the hotel desk clerk at check-in. From the clean and tidy room, your housekeeper maintains to the delicious food your chef and food servers provide to their table. Every little detail counts and makes their experience more or less memorable.

Your guest’s experience makes them decide if they will come back and if they will recommend you to more people. Therefore, the staff you hire is the angular piece in the hospitality industry.

We understand how vital the overall customer experience is for your business. For this reason why we specialize in hospitality recruitment and staffing. For companies, we provide the personable and hard-working hospitality employees you’re looking for. For employees, we match you with the best companies around.

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If you are looking for “the best hospitality staffing agencies near me.” Contact us to find the local services we offer at any location in the USA. We’ll find the staff you are looking for. We are one of the best hospitality staffing providers in the area. We provide high levels of service to our job seekers and the companies requiring hotel staff.

Why hire an agency near me? Agencies with experience in your local area can find “hidden” jobs and talent not as easily found in the job market. Local agencies understand the hospitality industry and the local talent you can find in each area. They care about the candidates and understand each company they find staff for. Markedly, they can guarantee the match the perfect candidate that can fit into their client’s culture and operations.

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Hospitality staffing solutions for businesses looking to recruit talented, dependable, reliable, skilled, and motivated hospitality workers to move your company forward.  We are one of the largest hospitality staffing companies. Find business solutions today!

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Job opportunities for workers looking to enter the hospitality industry. For this reason, we have alliances with top hotels, resorts, restaurants, casinos, and more companies in Florida and the United States. Apply today. Build your career with us. Looking for your next step in the hospitality career? Come to our hospitality employment agency and find the job that suits your lifestyle.

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We are the go-to specialized agency in Miami, Florida. We find the best staff for your business. From help desk to General Manager, We offer staffing services to many hotels, resorts, and restaurants in Miami and surrounding areas. Whether you are looking for full-outsourcing solutions, direct hire, temp positions, or contract staffing, you can count on us.

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RMG have helped thousands of talented candidates to find great jobs in the hospitality industry nationwide. We work with some of the top hotels, casinos, restaurants, resorts, and other hospitality venues in the United States.

Our job is to simplify your job searching process. That’s why we have a simple hospitality staffing application. We always are looking for skilled and motivated candidates. RMG offers a wide range of hospitality jobs.

Staffing agencies for hospitality industry

We can help you achieve your business goals.

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We have over 15 years of experience working in this industry. In all these years, we have acquired executive expertise at some of the most renowned hospitality companies in the USA. Let us show you what we can do for you. Contact us today!

Some of the hospitality jobs we fill are

  • Banquet set-up, food servers, food assemblers, food runners, barbacks, food handlers, dishwashers, food service, baristas and bartenders.
  • Housekeepers, room attendant staffing, clean-up staffing, and janitors.
  • Bellhops, parking auditors, porters, and attendant staffing.
  • Chefs and cooks.
  • Host or hostesses, stewards, wait staff, ushers, and concessionaire staff, casino host, cruise ship attendant, gaming dealer.
  • Customer service representatives: front desk associate, front office attendant, front desk supervisor, guest relations manager, guest services supervisor, guest full service associate, hotel clerk, reservationist agent, hotel receptionist.
  • Front of house manager.
  • And more.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is hospitality staff?

Hospitality staff is a group of people who work in the hospitality sector, including lodging, event planning, tourism, and food and drink services. Hospitality staff receive and treat guests in hotels, resorts, restaurants, catering companies, spas, events, bars, clubs, cafés, casinos, and similar businesses. They ensure guests feel welcomed, relaxed, and entertained.

How do I hire a hospitality staff?

If you want to hire hospitality staff you can follow these steps:

  1. Highlight your business attributes, benefits, and working environment.
  2. Provide flexibility and a good work/life balance.
  3. Offer training and the opportunity to grow in your company.
  4. Focus on the candidate’s personality.
  5. Screen the candidates.
  6. Perform the legal arrangements and contract.
  7. Implement a good onboarding process.
  8. Maintain good relationships and communication with candidates.
How much does hospitality pay monthly?

On average, hospitality pays monthly $2.062 (between $24.740 and $33.000 per year) in the United States. Monthly salaries range from $958 to $6.000, depending on the specific experience, skills, role, and location.

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