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We provide trained staff for different companies in the hospitality industry to help them grow their business successfully.

RMG has been part of the hospitality industry for many years. If you are looking for Hotel jobs Miami beach, RMG Staffing can help you find your next job. We have pioneered the local hospitality staffing industry in many ways, we embed reinvention in our DNA and insert constant improvement on our products and services.

Miami Beach is known as a destination for wellness and relaxation. Many hotels offer spa services, and healthy food, and are recognized for being environmentally friendly. Other hotels also specialize in wedding services and events.

Hotels in Miami try to guarantee a peaceful and relaxed stay for their guests. Therefore, hotel staff in Miami deliver an informed, thoughtful, and caring service.

In general, Miami hotels prefer to hire people that offer quality service, teamwork, integrity, attention to detail, and respect for colleagues and guests.

Hotel jobs in Miami Beach Fl offer you many benefits. For example, you can earn rewards as a recognition for your job, you have career advancement opportunities, you can enjoy a stable work environment, and you can obtain professional advancement certifications to flourish and grow.

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What are hotel jobs in Miami?

Hotel jobs in Miami are jobs at hotels, motels, bed and breakfasts, and other related establishments.

The duties you will do depend on the job you take in the Miami Hospitality industry. For example, hotel front desk clerks receive the guests, perform the check-in, provide information about the hotel and related activities, answer the phone, and make reservations.

Housekeepers ensure everything is clean for the hotel guests, dealing with housekeeping to properly orchestrate the cleaning. For example, doing the cleaning of rooms, assisting to supply the necessary amenities, and maintaining the facilities tidy.

There are other popular hotel jobs in Miami, Florida such as:

  • Hotel front desk supervisor.
  • Hotel representative.
  • Hotel front desk jobs in Miami: Front desk clerk hotel, front desk agent, Hotel front receptionist, hotel front desk attendant, hotel desk, hotel front desk representative, front desk receptionist.
  • Hotel management jobs in Miami Florida: hotel director.
  • Hotel housekeeping jobs in miami fl: room service workers.
  • Chefs, head chefs.

Many jobs offer a great compensation and benefits package. Some of them include:

  • Paid time off benefits
  • 401K retirement savings plans
  • Free parking
  • Night-shift and overnight hotel jobs
  • And more

Finding a good hotel job in Miami will allow you to stay motivated, grow professionally, and feel valued.

The objective of hotels jobs in Miami is to delight the guests and colleagues.

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If you are looking for hotel jobs near me, you are in the right place. We are based in Miami, Florida. We offer you many opportunities to grow, build meaningful relationships and leave a positive impact on the world.

Local hotel jobs offer you endless possibilities. We are the leader in the hospitality industry. No matter where you are on your career path, we can help you discover new opportunities to launch your career.

RMG Staffing opens the doors to discovering new job opportunities. When you are looking for hotel jobs near me, you can count on our platform, you can introduce the search terms related to the position you want to apply for and we have a selected list of job offers to choose from.

Luxury hotels, family-owned businesses, resorts, and many other companies in the sector have job offers in our website. We match future employees with the companies that requires them.


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Hotel jobs Miami South Beach

Explore our opportunities in Miami.

Hotel jobs Miami south beach

If you are looking for hotel jobs Miami South Beach, you can search on our platform for employment opportunities. The hospitality industry is very active in Miami South Beach. Therefore there are many opportunities for growth, no matter the stage of your career. There are many hotels, restaurants, casinos, and other venues that offer you an excellent work environment, competitive compensation, plenty of benefits, and career advancement opportunities.

If you are in Miami South Beach or surrounding areas and are interested in entering or furthering your career in the hospitality sector, we welcome you to apply. We are always on the lookout to fill hotel jobs Miami South Beach. Explore the latest opportunities we have in our jobs platform or contact us for the next step in the hospitality sector. 

Hotel job openings in Miami

Hotels in Miami are considered a scape oasis where travelers can isolate themselves from the noisy and crowded cities and relax. Hotel managers want to make sure they meet the demands of the guests and guarantee a pleasurable stay. That’s why they want to hire the best employees so their guests feel at home. 

Whether you want to Miami from another city or you are local to Florida, we can help. There are many hotel job openings in Miami depending on the season. Contact us today to learn more!

Hotel job openings in Miami

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Hospitality jobs Miami

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Hospitality jobs Miami are positions at hotels, motels, events, restaurants, and other companies related to the tourism industry. In general, hospitality jobs require strong customer service skills and communication abilities.

The kind of activities and pay you receive depend on the position you take and the specific company you are working with. Some of the hospitality jobs Miami are:

  • Hospitality management: Assistant general manager, hospitality general
  • Hospitality supervisor and leadership
  • Assistant director of food and beverage
  • Banquet attendant / Banquet Houseman
  • Banquets server
  • Barback
  • Barista
  • Bartender
  • Hotel housekeeper
  • Hotel front desk
  • And more

Top cities near Miami beach, Fl with hospitality jobs are Jacksonville, Cape Coral, West Palm Beach, Clearwater, Tampa, Fort Myers, Kissimmee. The average hospitality jobs Miami pay is 21,534/year, but it can be lower or higher depending the specific job you have.

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