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RMG Staffing Celebrates 10 Years of Providing Great Service

Time definitely flies. When RMG Staffing first started out our office was quite small. You could have counted the total number of our team with one hand. The year was 2008 and quite honestly, it was the worst year for anyone to start a business due to the financial crisis brought on by the real estate bubble of that previous year. But despite the harsh economic circumstances, Ricardo Michelangeli foresaw an opportunity to make money and also provide jobs to a city that was in desperate need of economic recovery.

“People thought I was crazy,” RMG Staffing President Ricardo Michelangeli expresses about his companies early beginnings. “And it was very difficult starting out.”

According to Mr. Michelangeli the atmosphere of the staffing industry in South Florida was doing as bad as the rest of the economy ten years ago. Events in Miami were few so therefore companies were not looking for staffing agencies to provide them with anything. Also, the hotels were experiencing a great number of low occupancies. Tourists continued to visit the city and its beaches but they were doing so in low volumes. But Mr. Michelangeli knew businesses were eventually going to recover, and he also knew South Florida was missing a staffing agency that operated as a boutique and yet had the networking reach as a large corporate entity. 

“Getting our first client wasn’t as difficult as keeping them,” Mr. Michelangeli explains. “Though we certainly knew what we were doing, growth requires learning. Problem-solving requires us to think outside the box and in doing so, you have to be honest with yourself. You have to know when to ask for help. You have to be open to making mistakes, which makes it easier to find ways to fix them. We certainly made mistakes in the beginning but because of our passion, the long hours at a small office and our resilience to provide great service to our initial clients we were able to succeed. Look at us now.”

In its ten years of existence, RMG Staffing has grown from a tiny office with a small staff to a boutique agency that functions as a large corporation and has a large staff occupying a grand office space in Miami’s luxurious metropolitan Brickell neighborhood. Also, RMG Staffing’s client list has certainly exploded in growth.  From small companies to large corporations, hotels hosting cute gatherings to big events, RMG Staffing has provided excellent services to various clients.

“I have had the pleasure of working with RMG Staffing as our preferred vendor for over 8 years for staffing needs for our hotel as well as one of our sister properties. Everyone at RMG Staffing understands our specific culture and what we are looking for in service delivery and he or she works to fill the needs properly the first time. Our collaborative relationship makes doing business together easy and effortless,” Jeff Klein says about the company. “Working with RMG Staffing has been an enjoyable experience that I plan on continuing for many years to come.”

Ten years and counting and the best is still yet to come.