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No matter full time, part-time, entry level or something more advanced, we can help you find your next career! 

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If your skills and experience match what our clients need, we will call to discuss your qualifications and the position further. We want to get to know you — your interests, availability, and career goals. 


In the RMG Staffing interview, you can discuss your skills, job-related experience, and what you are looking for in your next position.


We refer your profile to clients whose requirements match your qualifications to match you to positions that are right for you.

Job Availability

If there is a specific job you are qualified for and interested in, we will recommend you to the employer. They may choose to interview you before offering you the position.

Reference Checking

We conduct reference checks with previous employers and contact other references provided by applicants. Once reference checks are complete, you may be offered jobs to consider.

Staying in Touch

RMG Staffing will contact you directly once your interview process is complete and tell you if you have been placed with, or will be interviewing with one of our  clients.

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