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RMG Staffing Says Farewell to One of Its Greats

Being a human resource manager is not an easy job. Though an HR manager is one of the first persons an employee meets upon getting hired and is usually the person who guides one through the introductory stages of employment, a great HR manager is somewhat of a hidden gem who moves around an office like blood maneuvers throughout the body, making sure each and every employee has the necessary support to perform the daily duties and responsibilities the company requires. Aside from administrative support, a good and nice HR manager will usually remind you to take your vacation time before you lose it.

Former RMG Staffing HR Manager Teresa Walker has done all of the previously mentioned things and much more, she not only placed people in their positions, she placed them in their passions.  She believed in changing lives and so she did to so many.  Teresa had been a vital asset to the company and through her many years of service; RMG Staffing had seen tremendous growth.

As a human resource executive for RMG Staffing, her long list of duties and responsibilities included helping out with RMG’s branding and business development, devising company initiatives to increase productivity, implementing recruitment strategies and setting retention goals. Overall, her countless efforts had contributed greatly to RMG Staffing being now the leading staffing agency within South Florida’s staffing industry.

In addition to her tremendous contributions to Team RMG, Teresa has a big heart and it showed during the many times RMG was asked to enlist employees to support foundations and non-profit organizations. She spearheaded RMG Staffing’s involvement in last year’s Walk to Cure Lupus.  Her smile and demeanor during the event inspired other employees to not only be great workers but also greater human beings who contribute to causes. 

“Without a doubt, our company would not be what it is today if it wasn’t for Teresa,” President and CEO of RMG Staffing Ricardo Michelangeli says of Teresa Walker. “Within the years she was a part of our team, she showed loyalty and great dedication. She helped increase company productivity and came up with creative ideas that pushed our company to heights that we never thought were imaginable. She will surely be missed, a one-of-a-kind Human Resource Manager. We wish her success in her new journey.”