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What NOT to do at your office Holiday party

We all know how wild a night out can get, especially here in Miami, but at your office Holiday party, you may want to tone down the holiday spirit a little bit. Christmas is just around the corner and you will probably be receiving a notice soon, for the office party. Whether you are a manager or an employee on the bottom side of the hierarchy, there are a few rules you need to follow.

We know what you are thinking – Rules? At a party? How boring! Unless you want your party to turn into the scene from the “Office Christmas Party”, you better check yourself before you wreak yourself.

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So, to prevent you from making any faux pas, we have come up with a couple of no-nos that you should definitely NOT indulge in, no matter how strong the compulsion:

Don’t Be the Drunk of the Party

Imagine facing the same people tomorrow at the office, after spilling all your beans about a coworker at the party. There is a sure way to embarrass yourself in front of everyone and the path that brings you here swiftly is the open bar. Have you ever met your drunk self? For all you know, you could be a mean, insulting or makes-everyone-cringe drunk. Moreover, when you are drunk, you tend to pass out degrading comments such as:

Why don’t you let a little loose because you are really an uptight person?

Babe… that dress is bangin’

Your wife is cool to work with… put in a good word for me for that promotion will ya.

You get our meaning.

Don’t Indulge In Gossip

Dan in the office next to you is having an affair but that is none of your business! Whether this is a rumor or not, try to stay away from gossip. These things tend to suck you in and before you know it, you are sitting on a boatload of information, which you can’t tell anyone but if you do, you will be the one in trouble. In fact, if you hear someone gossiping, shut it down immediately.

Don’t Spend the Entire Night by the Food Table

This is your party, so go ahead and have some fun but not at the food table! Stocking up your plate and stuffing your mouth with hors d’oeuvres makes it quite difficult to mingle. Imagine shaking other people’s hands with sticky or oily fingers while talking with a full mouth. People might see this as an insult and frankly, this is simply rude behavior.

Don’t Talk Smack About the Boss

This is one of the biggest no-nos that you should avoid at an office party. Negative comments made on the boss tend to make their way to his or her ear pretty fast. Moreover, this behavior is completely unacceptable in a corporate environment. Don’t forget, you are standing on their property and you have the audacity to talk bad about them?

Keep Those Loose Lips Shut

Talking about your crush or revealing information about others is not something you should ever do at a party. People live for the drama and once the party is over, you will make a lot of people uncomfortable the next day, when they will hear about what you said… and they definitely will! Lastly, keep those inappropriate compliments to yourself. No one wants to hear a compliment that is a part insult.

This kind of behavior can be quite damaging for your career. So, be on your guard while at an office part and try to limit your drinks to two. Oh… and stay away from the dance floor if dancing is just not your forte.

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