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2018 Was A Great Year for the Food Service Industry

Food is one of the few things in the world we can’t live without and it takes a skillfully dedicated group of food service professionals to create delicious cuisines. Yet it also takes the same amount of effort to present great dishes that look flawless. Working in the foodservice industry isn’t easy and in order to make it in this business, one must be a hard worker, smart, quick on the feet and be able to adapt to sudden changes.

2018 marked an interesting year for foodservice professionals and based on statistics we should expect to end the year on a high note. According to the National Restaurant Association (NRA), foodservice sales will hit $825 billion by December, marking a 4 percent annual growth compared to last year.

“The foodservice industry has been showing tremendous growth for the past 10 years,” says RMG Staffing President Ricardo Michelangeli. “There are various factors that play a part in this growth. Foods are continuously getting cheaper to produce and with the help of technology, fewer foods are going to waste. When foodservice professionals are able to obtain the ingredients, they need they are more equipped to provide their customers with great tasting foods. Lastly, one of the biggest reasons for the tremendous growth the foodservice industry has seen in the past ten years is due to the rise in popularity of the general public being interesting in trendy food culture. This is all due to social media and the emergence of the foodie culture. 2019 is going to be an exceptional year for the foodservice industry and as we begin to plan for the new year, we don’t see the growth stopping anytime soon.”

Aside from foods becoming cheaper to produce and social media’s influence on food culture, another reason why the industry has been growing over the past ten years is that of the continuous improvement of workspace for foodservice professionals. Better guidelines and procedures have kept employees safe and being able to work in a healthy environment allows foodservice professionals to get their jobs done at the highest level.

RMG Staffing has a ten-year history in the hotels, restaurants and hospitality industry overall. Our years of success has given us access to some of the greatest talents in the industry which in turn made it possible for us to develop our brand into a driving force in hotel and hospitality. We have become leaders with professional working teams in the foodservice industry, servicing restaurants and food service establishments to provide high-quality meals and excellent service to customers, while staying within food and labor costs for operations to profit.

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