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Our Top Tips for Bartenders

Bartending is an art… and don’t let anyone ever tell you otherwise. In fact, to be a good bartender, you need to be equal parts a scientist, an entertainer and an artist. You have to know what proportions make up a drink, you have to be a good talker, and you have to be able to be creative on your feet. And on top of that, don’t let the bar and nightlife setting fool you; like with any job, you have to be extremely professional.

Interested in bartending at some of Miami’s hottest events? Reach out to us to see if you’ve got what it takes. But before you do, read through our tips below. After all, we only want bartenders who want to bartend – and are ready to be pretty amazing at it, too.

Maintain control of your bar.

If you’re drinking, you should be having a good time. But as the bartender, you need to have some control over the experience, as well. If you see someone getting out of hand, try and calm them down. If someone needs to be cut off, cut him or her off. If someone is having a bad day, try and cheer them up while you clean behind the bar. Remember: as the bartender, you’re in control of not only what happens behind the bar, but how well people do (or don’t!) enjoy it.

As with anything, be good at what you do.

Just because you’re behind the bar, doesn’t mean you can hide. In fact, to your patrons (read as: your audience), you might as well be the star of the show. People are always watching the bartender, so to keep them entertained and satisfied, be confident, be personable, take their order, tend to the bar, and of course, know how to make a good cocktail.

Be observant.

Just like your patrons are watching you, you need to be keeping a casual eye on your patrons, too. As a bartender, you always need to be aware of what’s going on around you. Successful bartending is all about making a connection, and by keeping an eye on your surroundings, you can judge what connections need to be made.

Know how to make a good drink… or five.

Personality aside, a good bartender always has a core set of bartending skills in his or her back pocket. You don’t need to know every single drink, but knowing the most popular drinks is pretty essential. If the bar is famous for a certain cocktail, make sure you know the recipe like the back of your hand. Try not to use a cheat sheet – it’s an easy way to slow you down.  

Stay professional.

For some people, bartending is a part-time job that gets you through college; while for others, it’s a career. Whatever it is for you, do it with pride and don’t slack off. When you’re behind the bar, you’ll interact with a lot of really cool people – from business owners and big-time lawyers, to athletes, politicians and celebrities. If that doesn’t impress you, maybe this will: people tip better when you treat them with respect and do your job well.

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