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How much do hotel jobs in Miami pay?

The hotel job market is very active in Miami, Fl, and the surrounding area. It has multiple job opportunities. You can work in customer service, catering, spa, revenue management, marketing, or the corporate level, among many others. But how much do hotel jobs in Miami pay? Here you will find the answer.

How much do hotel jobs in Miami pay?

Salary ranges vary widely depending on many factors, including job position, education, certifications, experience, additional skills, and the specific area of Miami.

According to, the average hotel worker’s salary in Miami is $41.000 a year. Glassdoors states the typical annual salary is $34.000. According to Zip Recruiter, the average yearly pay for the hotel jobs in Miami is $46.000 per year. This means around $3.800/month, $890/week, and $22/hour. 

But salaries for hotel jobs in Miami vary greatly. ZipRecruiter indicates that most salaries within the hospitality industry can range from $29.000 up to $88.000 annually, and Glassdoor indicates that wages can range from $20.000 to $192.000. 

This significant variation reflects many opportunities at entry-level jobs, where you can enter into the industry and gain experience. With more skill level and experience, you can earn more salary. Also, there are many opportunities for career advancement.

The salary variance is also due to the additional payment you could get in this industry. Extras or other compensation include cash bonuses, commissions, tips, and profit-sharing. 

Glassdoors estimates that these extras are around $21.000 per year. Therefore, although the hospitality industry’s base salary is $34.000 when you include additional pay and benefits, your salary can be more than $55.000 annually.

What is the highest salary for hotel jobs in Miami?

As in any other industry, some jobs related to hotel and hospitality pay more than a typical salary per year (60% and even 90% more than the average). 

According to Glassdoor, the highest salary for this industry in Miami is $60,000 per year, and according to Ziprecruiter, the highest salary is $90.000 per year. 

Miami’s best-paying hotel jobs are hotel managing, hotel equities, principal hotel, hotel software, and hotel project manager. According to ZipRecruiter data, professionals in these positions can earn $90.000, 88.000, $79.000, and 78.000, respectively. 

With the appropriate experience and qualifications, you can get one of those jobs and make more money than the average hotel position.

What is the lowest salary for hotel jobs in Miami?

According to Glassdoor, the lowest salary for this industry in Miami is $22,000 per year. These lowest-paying jobs usually correspond to entry-level positions, where you can apply without having prior experience or any particular qualification. 

Although you get a lower salary than average in these jobs, they are an excellent opportunity to enter the hospitality industry and climb up the ladder to get higher-paid jobs.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the following is how much select entry-level hotel positions make. Waiters and waitresses earn a median annual salary of $23,000, Bartenders earn $24.000, Laundry and dry-cleaning workers earn $25,000, Maids and housekeeping cleaners earn $25,320, and Desk clerks earn a median of $25,370 a year.

How much do hotel jobs in Miami-Fort Lauderdale, Fl, pay? 

If you are thinking of joining the hospitality industry, many jobs are available in Miami Beach (especially South Beach) to start your career and advance in it. You can take different career paths and salary trajectories, depending on your skills, qualifications, and experience. 

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