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Critical responsibilities and obligations of your hospitality staffing agency

Are you currently working with a hospitality staffing agency, or do you want to work with one in the future? Then you should know what they do and what they can offer you. In this article, you will find the critical responsibilities and obligations of your hospitality staffing agency.

Obligations of your hospitality staffing agency 

Following you will find three critical hospitality staffing agency’s responsibilities and obligations:

Your agency must identify your particular needs.

Every hotel is entirely different regarding the skills level, qualifications, and experience required. Besides that, the company culture varies depending on the management style of the particular business owner and manager. 

Therefore, an excellent candidate to work in this industry must meet the training and experience required and have a personality that adapts to the working style and company culture. 

Although you could post a job description in a general job listing, this is not a good approach for the hospitality industry because it could attract many people who are not a good fit for your company. This can make your screening process extremely long, and you may select less than fit applicants for the job.

By contrast, a good hospitality staffing agency performs an audit of your company, your job needs, and your expectations. An agency has specific people who research your company to understand what you do and how you achieve customer satisfaction. After this audit, the agency can recognize your unique needs and find what you are looking for.

Your agency must screen your applicants correctly.

The hospitality business is a labor-intensive industry, meaning you have to cover many positions to give excellent customer service to your guests. 

Selecting new employees is very time demanding, but when you use the assistance of external hospitality staffing solutions, they can take that load out of your shoulders and help you select the best talent. 

From the moment’s notice, you hire an agency. Your staffing agency screens the applicants to ensure that they select the staff that meets the skills, qualifications, and experience you need. 

This vetting process includes many phases. The first step comprises aptitude tests to see where your candidate is regarding skills and knowledge. 

After that, the candidates go through some background tests, psychological tests, education verification, and past employment verification. This process helps you see the candidate from the professional point of view and the human perspective.

A good agency performs this selection process as if they were selecting employees for themselves, which means they will go as far as possible to ensure you hire the best talent available.

Your agency must ensure staffing compliance.

Health and safety are essential in the hospitality industry. Hotels host many guests and staff members daily, and the staff works directly with the public. Besides, there is a high risk for the guests, staff members, and facilities. 

Hotels must be aware of their hiring kind of employees to ensure their guests and staff are safe. Your staffing agency vets employees to prevent potential safety issues and has joint responsibility with you for the safety of the employees they send you to work in your company.

Another vital aspect of considering is the health and safety certifications required by the hospitality industry. Your agency can help you verify that the applicants are certified and approved to perform a specific task.

There are many aspects to consider during the hospitality recruitment process. For example, compliance with Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), Discrimination and Sexual Harassment, and Affordable Care Act (ACA). This is very useful since noncompliance can be very costly for your business. Also, your agency has the expertise to ensure staffing compliance.

A hospitality staffing agency can help you.

Your hospitality staffing agency needs to meet your demands and screen candidates correctly. We offer reliable, safe, and compliant staffing services in Miami. Learn more about RMG Staffing and how we can help you find excellent staff members for your team.