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Five New Restaurants in Miami You Must Try

Miami is recognized for many things. When it comes to business, our local economy is the gateway to the Latin American and Caribbean world. Name any country in both South or Central America and best believe you’ll find their footprints on the streets of our wonderful city. Residents of countries in the Caribbean have also made tremendous efforts to build great relationships with us. Miami is not just a great place to conduct business geared towards the Latin American and Caribbean world, we are also the perfect destination to experience  European cultures without having to use your passport. This exchange has opened the door to making our city a tropical mix of flavors. One of the biggest ways you can experience what various cultures from around the world has to offer is through their foods and when it comes to restaurants that serve dishes from every single continent, Miami is the place to be.

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Five Restaurants in Miami You Must Try

Here is our list of five great restaurants and eateries that have recently open. So authentic, they foods will make you feel like your taste buds had been magically transported to another country. Their dishes add to the flavor that makes Miami an international destination.

Artichoke Basille’s Pizza

1222 16th St, Miami Beach

Francis Garcia and Sal Basille are two cousins and best friends from New York whose DNA includes garlic and oil. They come from four generations of restaurateurs who first opened their establishment in New York City’s East Village in 2008. Since their launch, they have been featured on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, The Chew with Mario Batali in addition to great reviews in New York Magazine and the New York Times.  The Miami Beach location is the first east coast opening outside of New York. Priced at a great bargain, the pizza slices reminds your mouth what it truly means to be an Italian.

Chana Thai Kitchen

8739 SW 136th St


This wonderful Japanese and Thai restaurant point to the growing Asian population in Miami and it also reiterates Miami’s love for Asian cuisine.  Though new to Miami, Chana Thai Kitchen was opened by the group that created the famous Sripraphai restaurant in New York. With decades of experience in blending perfect spices from Thailand, this Miami eatery provides an authentic Thai and Japanese taste to Miami.   

Stubborn Seed

101 Washington Ave

Miami Beach

Your tongue will find this American restaurant’s dishes so deliciously foreign that you might think that the slowly cooked snapper they serve is out of this country, if not out of this world. Their philosophy pairs “unrelenting passion with an unapologetic approach”.

Soul Tavern

1801 West Ave

Miami Beach

This vegetarian gastropub eatery that is located in the Miami Beach new hot spot of Sunset Harbour provides sans meat to exquisite burgers, pizzas and salads. Not only a place for healthy eating, Soul Tavern also provides cleansing and nourishment programs that will educate your taste buds as much as your soul.  


1766 Bay Rd

Miami Beach

Started by a group of local foodies born and raised from Miami, Lutum dishes include seasonal ingredients that are locally inspired and neighborhood friendly.

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