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RMG Staffing Joins Efforts with Lupus Foundation of America to Raise Awareness

RMG Staffing Joined Efforts with Lupus Foundation of America Bring Awareness

Selena Gomez, Nick Cannon, and Lady Gaga are three celebrities that have openly admitted they suffer from lupus. The late Michael Jackson suffered from the disease and even Beethoven was suspected to have had the disorder that affects the joints, skin, kidneys, blood cells, brain, heart, and lungs. Although there isn’t a known cure if symptoms are ignored, those with Lupus could ultimately suffer from an untimely death.  Though mostly diagnosed in young women between the ages of 15 to 44, lupus is an autoimmune disease that causes the immune system to attack healthy cells.  The Lupus Foundation of America estimates that 1.5 million Americans, and at least five million people worldwide, have a form of lupus.

As previously stated, there are no known cures for lupus. Current treatments focus on improving quality of one’s life by controlling symptoms and minimizing flare-ups. Medications, lifestyle modifications, protection from the sun and maintaining one’s diet helps manage lupus.  Anti-inflammatories and steroids also help.

On November 04, the Florida branch of the Lupus Foundation will hold their annual Walk to End Lupus Now™ at Marlins Park. Presented by Bacardi, thousands are expected to participate in raising money for research, awareness and rally for the estimated 1.5 million Americans and millions more worldwide who are afflicted with lupus. 

“As a Walk Manager for the Lupus Foundation of America’s Walk to End Lupus Now,” Sara Bentley stated through the foundation’s website, “I have the opportunity to meet so many inspiring people who are affected by this cruel and mysterious disease. Everyone’s story is different, but they are all working toward a common goal: to raise funding and awareness for lupus research and education.”

There are various Walk to End Lupus events happening all over the country. The Miami run is one of the biggest in the nation. Last year helped raised thousands of dollars. With your help, the foundation could reached a million dollars.

“Lupus has negatively impacted far too many families in South Florida. I’m proud to [have served] as Grand Marshal for the Walk to End Lupus Now Miami event benefitting the Lupus Foundation of America’s Florida Chapter so that we can raise awareness of this terrible disease and ensure organizations have the necessary funds to further research Lupus,”  U.S. Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen stated through a press release  about her previous involvement with the foundation. “It is my hope that one day, no one will have to endure a life with Lupus.”

In addition to the Walk to End Lupus Now™, one of the many ways to help awareness of lupus is by raising funds for the foundation.  RMG Staffing has joined forces with the Florida branch of the Lupus Foundation of America. We are extremely happy to announce that we are organizing an online campaign to help raise funds for the foundation. To donate, all you have to do is logon to our online fundraiser  and you’ll be directed to a portal where you could help us find a cure and bring awareness to lupus. The foundation is counting on us and you. Let’s go Team RMG! Let’s soft the cruel mystery of lupus together. The bigger amount of funds we raise, the bigger our impact.

Raise awareness. Support the foundation. And join us in the Walk to End Lupus Now™. Let’s go #TeamRMG!