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Are Your Employees Brand Advocates?

Are Your Employees Brand Advocates? In today’s tech-savvy world, maintaining a reputation as a positive employer has never been more important. Having your employees serve as brand advocates is essential, because candidates place a heavy emphasis on their opinions. In addition to having your team engage in positive word-of-mouth advocacy, their written reviews can also generate serious influence. Find out some tips our Hospitality and Event Staffing Agency gives you.

Top talent doesn’t just want a great job — they also want to work for an incredible company. Culture has become equally important to the job itself, so candidates do everything they can to search for clues about a company’s work environment to see if it’s the right fit.

Social Media

Most of your employees probably have a personal social media presence, so engage them as brand advocates on popular sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram. Create a solid set of guidelines to get everyone on the same page about the type of content you want them to share and certain topics to steer clear from. Encourage them to get online and share exciting moments during the workday and engage with other industry professionals.

Job Review Sites

Prior to applying at a company, savvy job seekers use review sites like Glassdoor to get a behind-the-scenes glimpse at what it’s like to work there. If assessments are generally negative, the type of talent you want to hire is going to steer clear of your company, because they have plenty of other options. Conversely, a number of glowing evaluations from current employees speaks volumes and will likely encourage top talent to submit their resumes. Since this type of brand advocacy is so important, ask your best team members to take a few minutes to write a review of their own.


They’re certainly not innovative, but employee testimonials are still a very effective way to promote a positive brand image. Ask your staff to write a sentence or two about their experience with various aspects of your company and post these statements accordingly throughout your HR site. If you want something a bit more long-form, consider profiling employees on your company blog and asking them to detail their favorite aspects of working for the organization.

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