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How IT Has Changed the Hospitality Industry

Technology has changed the world as we know it, and the hospitality industry certainly hasn’t been left behind. Major advances in the IT world have allowed businesses to become savvier than ever, offering major benefits to both customers and companies.

Ever-increasing IT developments are majorly impacting the way the hospitality industry functions.

  1. Mobile Check-In. In the past, tired and groggy hotel customers were forced to wait in line at reception to check into their rooms, but this is becoming a thing of the past. Many chains, such as the Hilton brand, are rolling out a mobile check-in option, allowing guests to choose their own room and even request amenities one or two days prior to their visit.
  2. Big Data. Restaurants are using big data to track everything from the number of free drinks given to make amends for employee mishaps to the rate at which condiments are used. Collecting and measuring more data than ever makes it possible to cut costs, learn more about customers, recognize trends and offer a better customer experience.
  3. Smart Appliances. The smart appliance trend, allowing people to control things like light switches, televisions, room temperature and their alarm clock from a tablet or an app, is starting to infiltrate into hotel rooms. Companies like Starwood are currently testing a host of features to add to hotel rooms to make stays even more luxurious.
  4. Online Bookings. Using the Internet to make travel plans is nothing new, but an increasing number of restaurants are now allowing customers to book tables online. Sites like OpenTable and SeatMe allow diners to find an open reservation and claim it in the click of a mouse. Other sites, like Tock, not only take reservations, they also collect payments upfront, so restaurants don’t have to worry about losing money for no-shows.
  5. User Review Sites. In the past, people only had word-of-mouth reviews to help them decide if a certain hotel, restaurant, cruise line, theme park or any hospitality industry business was worth their time and money. These days, it’s a common practice for people to consult user-review sites like Yelp and TripAdvisor prior to booking just about anything, so businesses are now under added pressure to provide outstanding service.

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