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Staffing Industry World 2017

Recently, the American Staffing Association held its annual Staffing Industry World summit. Held in Chicago, the event featured learning and networking opportunities for everyone that is involved in the staffing industry. The attendees included recruiters, to agency CEOs, marketing managers, PR personnel, industry reps, and those seeking jobs themselves. RMG Staffing was very proud to participate in this year’s event.   

“Very informative, engaging, and fun,” Aletha Mangelsdorf revealed about her previous experience attending the event. “The convention center was an excellent location. I learned so much information that I am able to share with my team and got to meet with exhibitors that provided useful information and great products. The ASA staff and members did an excellent job putting on this convention. The food, speakers, and parties were exceptional. This convention made it very easy to network with other staffing professionals and I look forward to attending again.”

Staffing Industry World 2017 was held at the McCormick Place Convention Center. The addenda included a great amount of information to help attendees in their careers and as well as in their personal lives. For three jam-packed days, attendees were treated to segments that addressed topics that ranged from “The New Language of Staffing”, “Money Makers for the Recruiting”, “Raise the Bar—Recruit Like the FBI”, to “Strategies for Conducting Legally

Compliant Interviews”, “Women in Leadership—Convincing Venture Capitalists You’re a Good Risk”, “CFO Roundtable” facilitated by Jonathan S. Neff and Shawn Poole, and “Risk Management Best Practices to Increase Market Recognition and Profits”.  Notable keynote speakers included Josh Linkner who founded interactive promotion agency ePrize, Chief Marketing Officer of Airbnb Jonathan Mildenhall and legendary rock musician Mark Schulman, who gave an eloquent and inspiring speech titled, “Conquering Life’s Stage Fright: Three Steps to Top Performance”.

“Being new to the staffing industry, I felt that my experience was amazing,” past attendee Melissa Kwiatkowski stated about the benefits of attending the event. “I was able to network with individuals who have been in the field for quite some time that was able to bring about new ideas and concepts to the business that I am part of. I also received much-needed knowledge about various topics that I will be able to utilize and share with my team. I had a great time.”

As participants in the event, we at RMG Staffing agree that Staffing Industry World 2017 is a wonderful extravaganza every industry professional should attend. The great amount of information, knowledge and networking opportunities the event provided allows us to be better at our jobs. It helps us refine our skills.  It allows us to have the ever-evolving industry knowledge and keeps us to date with trends and be able to predict what lies ahead. It keeps us sharp. With these sets of skills gained from attending such events as the Staffing Industry World, we are better able to provide our current clients with the best of service. We’ll be back in 2018 just as our clients keep coming back to us!