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RMG Staffing: Present at Art Basel

Every year for the past forty-six years, Art Basel has worked as a meeting point for all-around-the-world art. From December 1st to the 4th, Miami will be featuring one of its three fairs in the world. The city will be filled with art exhibits, private events, breakfasts, gallery openings, and many other events offered to art lovers.


At Art Basel, thousands of artists will be showing their modern and contemporary works of art. Paintings, sculptures, photography, films, etc. will be displayed for four consecutive days. Each and every one of these events needs an excellent staffing agency to provide spectators with the greatest artistic, cultural, and elite experience. And RMG has been asked for its staffing services in different areas of the event.


Throughout the week, we will be offering our on-call employees, who will dedicate each second to provide the guests with remarkable services. RMG will be providing banquet servers, greeters, hostesses, culinary staff, bartenders, promo models, and many other positions. RMG has been asked to participate in Art Basel because we are a committed team that only provides passionate, previously-trained, and experienced candidates to make each guest feel as the most important one in the room.


All the events made during the Art Basel need the best staffing team to please their guests. During this week it’s all about perception and showcasing the contemporary art world, besides, all the Showbiz is going to be there, this is why everything needs to be done smoothly and efficiently so every guest have the opportunity to enjoy the real point of the event. RMG’s dining servers will make sure your food is served on time and properly; bartenders and bar backs will take care of preparing drinks on point; greeters will make your guests feel welcome and comfortable; servers will provide them with all their requests, according to each type of event; and hostesses will entertain and put special attention to every one of the attendees.


It’s important for a staffing business to understand the events’ need in order to accurately provide the service that’s being asked for. At RMG we provide professional consultation to our clients in order to send the candidates that best suit their events. Art Basel, as an artistic and cultural event itself, has special needs regarding the services they require, that’s why we’re eager to send only our best employees.


We’re excited for being part of this amazing event, which enriches Miami’s culture and society. We hope to see you there, enjoying the best works of arts along with the exceptional service of RMG’s staff.


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