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Giving Back: RMG helped Prepare Hundreds of Lunch Bags

Recently, RMG participated in an event to help curve the hunger and homeless population in the city of Miami. Held at the newly established Mr. Kream ice cream shop in Wynwood during the #HashtagLunchbag event, RMG and a list of other companies with big hearts pooled their resources together and organized this event to feed the hungry and the homeless.

As a group, we put together lunch bags that included a healthy dose of food for those who we often see on the streets during our commutes to work and home. Miami has great weather year round but for those who don’t have a home to go to or a job to support themselves, when living on the streets our great weather could often turn into a scorching sun that wrecks havoc on the body.

Combined with dehydration hunger can lead various diseases and ultimately lead to one’s death, especially during the summers. That is why RMG was so willing and ecstatic to be part of this amazing event.    

“I have been blessed in founding a successful company that finds jobs for those looking for work in the hospitality industry,” president and CEO of RMG Staffing Ricardo Michelangeli says. “And it provides me with great joy to help feed the less fortunate.”

#HashtagLunchbag is not just a Miami event that feeds the hungry and homeless. It is a national movement that consists of businesses, organizations, and individuals whose main goal is to do anything and everything it takes not to have people die of hunger.

#HashtagLunchbag began on Christmas 2012 in a Los Angeles apartment by a group of friends who were having trouble finding a fun & meaningful way to give back. They went to their local grocery store and bought enough food to prepare 100 homemade lunches. They hit the streets of Santa Monica and Venice Beach and gave nutritional and delicious meals to anyone that hadn’t had a healthy meal in a long time.

After they were done, the group went on social media and shared their experiences in helping the less fortunate eat a healthy meal. They used  #HashtagLunchbag with every post. Their post went viral. The group received an astronomical amount of support and got swarmed with likes, comments, calls, texts and e-mails by those wanting to get involved or create similar events in their local communities.

The group’s initial meeting started in a small apartment and then moved into a Los Angeles restaurant.  They went from making lunch bags with a few hundred to thousands. With their use of social media that intrigued and inspired their friends and their followers, the #HashtagLunchbag events became a movement that was able to be held various cities across the United States and help feed hundreds of thousands.  They added love notes of encouragement to each meal to further acknowledge those they were feeding, reminding the less fortunate that they weren’t forgotten. 

To date, the organization has grown to 100 plus cities and hosted #HashtagLunchbag events all around the globe. Living Through Giving Foundation is the registered 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that now runs the organization. RMG was really happy to be part of this event and we encourage individual and other businesses to join or organize their own #HashtagLunchbag. Be a part of a great cause and help the less fortunate and empower humanity.