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On The Scene with RMG Staffing: Job Fair at UM

If you’re interested in working in the hospitality or Event industry and haven’t walked through our doors or contacted us, do it now. We’re always looking for enthusiastic people that will help our clients prosper. Recently, RMG Staffing participated in a beautiful job fair held on the University of Miami campus. The event was attended by hundreds of people looking for jobs in various industries. Others were there to network and improve their careers.

“Attending a job fair is one of many things one can do to landing a job,” says President and CEO of RMG Staffing Ricardo Michelangeli. “The job fair at UM gave us the opportunity to meet some of the best talents out there. It also gave prospective employees the chance to have face to face greetings with hiring managers. My advice is, if you’re looking for a job or another opportunity to improving your career don’t just sit in front of a computer and look on the internet. Be out and about and attend a job fair. It’s always great when an employer sees the faces behind those resumes.”

So if you’re planning to attend a job fair soon, here are some key things you might do to increase the possibility of getting hired on the spot. 

Make a list of participating companies in advance and choose which companies interest you. 

  • Review prospective employers’ websites and social media presence.
  • Dress in business attire.
  • Bring more than 10 copies of your resume and include letters of recommendation.
  • Practice your interview skills.
  • Once you’re at the job fair:
  • Review the job fair’s pamphlet and the area map.
  • Begin your network with the companies you’re most interested in.
  • Relax and be confident.
  • If there is a wait to speak to the company representative, be patient and wait.
  • Always greet with a firm handshake and a smile.
  • The conversation with the company representative should be 50% listening and 50% talking.
  • Get their contact information and certainly give yours if the conversation goes well.
  • Thank them for their time.
  • Before leaving the job fair:
  • Review the list of contact information you acquired.
  • Review the job fair’s pamphlet and see whether there were any companies you missed.
  • Keep the pamphlet for future reference.

The job fair at the University of Miami was one of many job fairs RMG Staffing attends regularly. If you’re ever at one of the many job fairs we attend, stop by our booth. We’re always looking for skilled individuals to join our exciting team.