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What is an event staffing agency?

At the moment, to organize an event finding the right staff is a task that could be complicated. Hiring a waitperson, a model, an entertainer, or another professional without knowing if they are suitable for the activity can scare anyone. That is where the event staffing agencies appear, who are in charge of hiring different personnel following specific characteristics. An event staffing agency carries out the entire hiring process. It is as if they had a portfolio of qualified professionals available for the required event; that way, when their services are requested, they become the bridge between the worker and the event owner.

According to statistics from the American Staffing Association (ASA), before COVID-19, the staffing industry hired about 16 million employees a year, contributing enormously to north America’s economy. 13.6 million during the pandemic, and today, the industry has grown by 20% ($168 billion in 2021); thanks to the fact that the pandemic turned the virtual work modality into a trend, staffing employees can also be found working virtually in all activities:

36% Industrial

24% Office–Clerical and Administrative

21% Professional–Managerial

11% Engineering, Information Technology, and Scientific

8% Health Care

The event staffing agencies listen to the client, understand and get to know the business to which they are dedicated, and in this way, attend to their requirements. Subsequently, they create a qualified team specific to the needs, no matter how complex it may be. The commitment between the staffing agencies and the client is to provide them with a professionally and ethically qualified team.

What are the benefits of hiring an event staffing agency

Save time.

Finding the right candidate for an event can take too much valuable time to be used in company activities. This time can be reduced through event staffing agencies in a simple call. This way, companies don’t have to review profiles, conduct interviews, and go through a whole hiring process for a short time.


It is no secret to anyone that everything that is rigid breaks. Somehow it happens with the workforce. Work teams need to be more suitable for the work environment to succeed. On the part of the event staffing agencies, the parties have flexibility. The client decides when and why to hire workers who fill positions for a short period. Statistics indicate that many people who work here have other types of jobs; however, due to the availability of time and the duration of the events, they can fill these vacancies.

Good filter and avoid the risk

Event staffing companies bear all the expenses involved in being an employer, filling out contract documents, paying insurance and salaries, and complying with all legal requirements. In addition, the event staff always go through a detailed process. Every profile is already reviewed, studied, and approved. 

The staffing industry is a win-win for all parties, professionals who manage to provide their services and profit from work. The agencies end up giving quality artistry and charge a fee for that. And the client who saves themselves the headaches and the uncomfortable process of performing hiring with the confidence that they are appropriately supported.

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