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What is an event team?

Behind any significant event, there is a great event team. You need a team to organize an event because it is almost impossible for a single person to run an event on their own. But what is an event team? And what are the event roles you need to cover? Here you will find a guide on the central event staff positions required to make an event successful.

An event team is a group of professionals working together to plan and execute an event. A team organizing an event guarantees that every aspect of an event is considered beforehand and planned accordingly. 

Event team members

Covering every important role of your event with the best talent is the difference between a memorable event and one that you can easily forget.

Event teams come in all shapes and sizes. Depending on the event, you will need more or less staff and different times (full-time vs. part-time). 

Here you can find the regular positions recommended for an event. However, each company and event is unique. For example, if you organize a simple gathering, you may only need a small team to cover all the necessary activities. 

Also, some roles can be played by the same person, volunteers, or even some employees in your company who can assist in certain activities. Therefore, you must use this article as a general guide, but adapt it for your specific situation and what works best for you.

An event team divides by function. For example, the management team, marketing team, logistics team, catering team, registration team, security team, ad so on. Consider it as committees ensuring their specific task is planned and executed correctly. An event team usually includes:

Event management team 

Each event should have a group responsible for how things go and check that the staff perform their activities correctly and on time.

An event team usually comprises an event lead or director, program coordinator, venue coordinator, equipment coordinator, marketing coordinator, security coordinator, merchandising coordinator, and hospitality coordinator. 

The event leader has the vision of how the event should be and coordinates all the event planning and delivery. At the same time, each coordinator assigns responsibilities to their team and ensures they perform the activities specifically for their role.

Marketing team

To have a successful event, you need a marketing team that promotes your event to the people you want to attract. 

A marketing team comprises PR professionals, media liaisons, creatives, advertising specialists, promotional staff, online marketing experts, designers, programmers, and more.

Operations team

You need a group that implements the normal event activities, from meeting the visitors to catering. The majority of staff you need to run an event belongs to this group. 

Although most operational tasks require minimal training and can be performed by volunteers or employees, depending on the event you have, it is better to hire professionals with the experience to handle these tasks.

An operations team comprises different subgroups:

Customer service team: 

The customer service team is the frontline when customers require assistance. They communicate with guests during the event to ensure they have all the answers solved. Some critical roles in customer service are cashiers, greeters, ticket scanners, attendee support, and more. 

Cleaning team:

The cleaning team performs cleaning duties before, during, and after the event. 

Security staff:

The security team is charged with maintaining a comfortable and safe place for the guests and staff during the event.

Catering team: 

This group is responsible for planning meals and beverages and selecting vendors to provide these services. Specific roles in the catering team include food servers, bartenders, bartender assistants, and chefs.

Transportation team:

They are in charge of any mode of transportation the speakers, entertainers, guests, and sponsors need to attend the event. It includes local transportation and national or international flights as needed.

Technology team: 

This team is in charge of the setup and maintenance of the hardware and software tools needed to have an optimal event experience, such as sound equipment, video equipment, projectors, laptops, tablets, and so on.

Merchandising Team

The merchandising team enhances the customer experience during the event. This team comprises the sales staff, people providing giveaways, the outfitting of volunteers, the exhibition coordinator, and the retail event’s representative, among other activities during the event.

Treasure and accounting team

The budgeting and management of payment are crucial to successfully planning and executing an event. The treasure and accounting team ensures that all the necessary costs to run an event are covered, controls the financials, and provides the event operates according to the regulations.

Venue Team

The venue team manages venue-related activities such as bookings, setup, risk management, signage, and environment control.

Entertainment team

These professionals are in charge of all the entertainment and team-building activities to ensure the guests have a good time during the event. This team comprises the activities and event planner, conference planner, master of ceremonies, and so on. 

Your dream event team

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