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Update your resume, and don´t miss your dream job

Everyone at some point in their lives has had to write a resume for the first time; it is an exciting and challenging process to say on paper, “I am good at this,” “my skills are these,” and “I am preparing myself for this kind of jobs.”

After going through that stage and getting our first jobs, the resume is a document gaining volume, experience, and importance in our career. The resume is our face in front of the labor market that every day is more prominent, blunter, and more demanding; for the same reason, nurturing our CV and keeping it updated is an activity that should not only be done to search for a new job but also has many more uses.

Let’s talk a little about the reasons why having the resume updated is something that should be on the checklist of activities to do:

  • Extra money

In a constantly moving world where job flexibilities are more remarkable, it is possible to have more than one job at a time. If it is an extra job, it also requires a cover letter with our updated information, achievements in the current career, and the past, if any. The resume shows why we are suitable for the offer we are applying for. Even the most popular side jobs, because they are hourly, like restaurants, bars, house or apartment cleaning, recreation, and tourism (Hospitality industry), you need at least updated contact information and let the hiring managers know who you are.

  • Employment Pages

With the digitization of everything we do, there are pages where you can stand out for your career path and experience, such as LinkedIn, which has become the giant job board in the world in recent years. Additionally, there are many pages in each country where you can submit job applications. They review these pages, and companies such as staffing agencies can contact you if your information is attractive and current. The important thing about having updated information is that many potential employers are looking for new profiles even when you are not looking for a unique or better job opportunity. 

  • Labor promotions

Experience makes perfect, and if you stand out as one of the best where you currently work, be ready for any promotion. Have your resume up to date, and be among the first to apply. Don’t do it just for these types of opportunities, but keeping it updated prevents you from forgetting to put essential and detailed information because maybe it was a long time ago. It couldn’t be fresh in your memory.

  • New job

It can be seen from the worst or the best scenario. However, it will lead to a good end. Sometimes finding a new job is a process that can not wait, so there is nothing better than, when necessary, not having to think about dates or essential details but having a document ready to share. Show the world your talents and give them good reasons to hire you.

What to consider in creating a resume:

  • In addition to the basic information that is vital (Name, profile description, work experience and studies in reverse chronological, achievements, skills, and references)
  • Try to include everything essential but stay moderate. Limit the content to 1 or 2 pages; beyond that, only a few recruiters will read it.
  • Do not include information such as date of birth, social security number, or health status.
  • Finally, you don’t have to be a designer, but how the resume is structured speaks volumes about your personality. Try to be presented clearly and orderly and be ready to find your dream job. 

Also, remember to send your resume to staff agencies if you seek jobs. They always will find a good match for your skills