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How to Get Your Staff to Restaurant Awesomeness

Do you own or manage a restaurant? And have you ever watched a segment of WPLG Local 10’s Dirty Dining? We if you haven’t seen it, here’s a recap of the broadcast. On one of the episodes investigative reporter Jeff Weinsier stated a Ft. Lauderdale pizzeria was found to have 16 violations. Some of the worst includes: 

“Roach activity present as evidenced by live roaches found. 5 in the unused non working reach in  cooler on the cooks line. Approximately 10 on the floor next to the floor mixer on the cooks line. 3 on the floor under a sheet pan rack next to a 3 compartment sink in the rear of the establishment. 1 on the floor in front of the walk-in cooler. Accumulation of food debris/grease on food-contact surface. Observed a build-up of dried food debris on the grinder attachment of the floor mixer. Food manager certification expired.”

In another segment, one restaurant had employees who had not received “not received adequate training related to their assigned duties as evidenced by lack of general knowledge in performing their assigned duties.”

We all know owning and managing a restaurant is an extremely stressful business. It’s as hot and heavy as an actual kitchen. Success in any business takes time. Because of our line of work, we at RMG Staffing have heard a lot of both bad and positive stories in the restaurant industry. In hopes helping those that are in the restaurant management business, we compiled a few tips that will help you to help your restaurant and your staff succeed. These tips will certainly help you avoid being off of Jeff Weinsier’s Dirty Dining.

First and foremost, make sure you are operating a clean restaurant. The plates are not the only things that need to be sparkling white. Designating employees to clean and making sure everyone pitches in will surely accomplish the goal of maintaining a restaurant’s elegance and cleanliness. From the floors, to the doorknobs, the bathroom and the kitchen, a clean restaurant will get your patrons flocking in.

Now that’s said, let’s get to the heart of the matter. A restaurant is nothing without its staff. They are the bloodline of your business. If they are not happy, you will surely lose money and run out of business. Getting them to understand your philosophy can be done if you implement the following key points in the way you operate your restaurant. 

1. Model the Behavior You Want to See.

2. Have Fun at Your Staff Meetings.

3. Reward Your Staff.

4. Respect Your Staff.

5. Don’t Bother Them During Their Break.

6. Get to Know Your Staff.

7. Address Problems Quickly.

8. Encourage Fun at Work.

9. Ask Your Staff’s Opinion.

10. Say Thank You.

11. Have Staff Appreciate Day.

12. Implement a Birthday Recognition Program.

13. Ask if they Could Pick-up a Shift, Don’t Demand They Do.

14. Be Curious If They Have Family Emergencies.

15. Don’t Take the Job Too seriously, This Will Help Alleviate Stress

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