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How Can Temporary Employees Benefit Your Workforce?

You’ve worked hard to build a great business, and customer satisfaction levels are through the roof. Whether you run a catering company, hotel, spa or any other type of business in the highly competitive Miami hospitality industry, you’re definitely doing something right.

It’s beyond exciting to achieve such a high level of success, but it’s starting to take a toll on your staff. Your outstanding employees are certainly willing to work hard, but they’re only human, and people have their limits. Increasing your staff on a permanent basis may feel like too much of a gamble — especially if the surge is a recent occurrence or caused by seasonal demand — so consider taking on temporary employees.

Below are three reasons why temporary staffers can have a hugely positive impact on your company.

Avoid Overtime Costs

When employees put more than 40 hours in during a workweek, you’re required by law to pay them at least time-and-a-half. Occasional instances of just a few hours might not be a huge problem, but if this becomes standard, it will quickly put a dent in your payroll budget. Of course, if you take on temporary employees, this is a non-issue because they can step in when your workers hit the 40-hour mark.

Combat Fatigue

It’s impossible to give 100 percent to your job when you’re completely exhausted. Even your top employees will start producing lower quality work when they can barely keep their eyes open. People need time away from work to relax, so they can be refreshed for their next shift. Adding a few temporary workers to your schedule will ensure your hardworking team gets the rest they deserve.

Lower Stress Levels

Simply put, overworked employees have sky-high stress levels. Typically calm, reasonable people tend to become cranky and irrational when they work way too much. If your employees don’t have adequate time to step away from the job and unwind, tensions will rise. Increasing the size of your team with temporary staffers ensures you’ll have proper coverage, without placing unnecessary strain on your workforce.

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