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Is Virtual Reality Impacting the Future of the Hospitality Industry?

Technology is constantly evolving and changing the way we live our lives, so it’s inevitable that some pretty incredible innovations to the hospitality industry are on the horizon. If you’re not already familiar with virtual reality, prepare for it to rock your world.

Markus Schreyer, vice president at The Americas at Design Hotels AG, writes about hospitality industry innovation on his personal website, and he offers some fascinating insights on how virtual reality might change the face of travel. He notes that Facebook CEO and Co-Founder Mark Zuckerberg has already declared technology will allow people to visit destinations across the world virtually one day. This might not be too far in the future, as Schreyer mentions Facebook’s 2014 purchase of Oculus, a virtual reality technology startup, for $2 billion.

3 Ways Virtual Reality Could Change the Hospitality Industry

As an industry insider, Schreyer is privy to all the latest hospitality trends and he has some pretty exciting ideas about how virtual reality could change travel as we know it.

  1. Prior to a Stay

Choosing a hotel can be a difficult decision for guests. Virtual reality could walk them through the grounds for a preview. From touring the hotel room they would be staying in to visiting the restaurant and pool area, people would be able to make an informed decision by seeing the grounds with their own eyes.

  1. During the Visit

Hotel staff could provide a second-to-none guest experience with the help of virtual reality. Schreyer suggests a host of possibilities, including the ability to change the restaurant and room service menus to each person’s native language, offering a guided path to their hotel room and providing a hologram personal trainer for in-room exercise.

  1. After the Trip

Maintaining contact with guests after they depart is key, but doing so using present technology can be a challenge. Schreyer believes the onset of virtual reality would make this much easier, allowing management to increase brand loyalty and encourage customers to return to the property every time they’re in town.

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