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How to Succeed in Hospitality Industry?

Some of the most rewarding careers aren’t easy, and in no industry is that more true than hospitality. While hospitality gives you the opportunity to work directly with people – and in most cases, make those people extremely happy – you’ll have to work long, often unpredictable shifts, stay on your feet for hours, and because people are always watching you, be on you’re A-game at all times.

As fun as this career may be, it’s easy to let it get the best of you. So if you’re passionate about the field, learn more about the personal and professional skills you’ll need below to see if hospitality is the right path for you.

Always focus on the customer.

In hospitality, no one is more important than the customer. In fact, how well you treat them will make or break your success. The concept is simple – the goal of hospitality is to make customers, clients and guests feel welcomed, comfortable and like a true VIP, all to make them come back for more. Think of it this way: your service is the product, and if customers don’t like a product, they won’t buy it twice.

Be flexible.

As we mentioned earlier, when you work in hospitality, there’s no telling what your hours might be, and you need to be ready and willing to work when you’re needed. Whether you’re working at 3 p.m. or 3 a.m. – on either an average Monday or a holiday – you’ll need to be adaptable, versatile and resourceful, and always have an open mind. In hospitality, there’s no telling what responsibilities you might be tasked with.

Be positive.

Success in hospitality depends a lot on your ability to make positive connections with clients, guests, vendors and even other employees. Remember: hospitality is all about comfort and service, and having a smile on your face is an easy way to make guests feel comfortable and respected.

Learn how to multitask.

No matter what you do, when you work in hospitality, you’ll need to be able handle multiple responsibilities at once. In just one afternoon, you might be asked to clean up a spilled drink, handle an unhappy guest, setup a VIP table for 20 and work the bar, all while staying calm and keeping a smile on your face as you greet new guests. The industry is fast-paced, always changing, and at times, even a little hectic. But if you love the job, you won’t let it get to you.

Pay attention to detail.

As they say: “It’s the little things.” Details can make all the difference, and the more impactful they are, the more your guests will remember them. Make sure your uniform shirt is clean and tucked in – it will make you look professional and passionate about what you do. Clean up every last drop of rum that customer spilled on the floor, make sure your plates and glasses are evenly spaced, and wherever you can, go above and beyond for every guest. Guests, and employers, always notice the details, and in time, you’ll be rewarded for it.

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