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Improve Staff Attendance with a Hospitality Staffing Agency

The hospitality industry requires skilled professionals who are flexible, multitask, and work under pressure.

Hotels are always facing various business challenges. The major one remains high staff turnover other than the ever-changing customer demands. Employees that are not regular at work can bring your business into a negative light. This harms productivity.

Employee attendance is the most crucial aspect of any organization’s growth and success. Henceforth, it becomes essential to keep your employees loyal. If you offer hotel jobs in Miami, take care of your staff’s attendance. You can do it by managing your organization’s absentee policy. Also, keep it transparent with the entire team and hire a professional staffing services agency.

Are you looking for a Miami staffing agency? This post discusses the suggestions that can assist in increasing employee attendance.

Importance of employee attendance.

No organization can run without employees, and it’s as simple as that! Now, if the staff stay irregular at work, your hospitality business will suffer. Meanwhile, as a hospitality staffing agency, you can’t miss offering top-class services to your customers.

Your employees must be well-trained, focused, and available 24*7.

Employee absenteeism is a significant problem for many organizations. Unfortunately, no one can help you manage the flow of guests. What exactly employers and hospitality staffing agencies should do to avoid staff absenteeism?

Incentives are a great way to reward deserving employees when impacting employee attendance. By doing so, you’ll soon realize the high productivity of your hotel staff. Use points system solutions to appreciate staff attendance.

It’s a sure-shot solution to curb the short attendance pattern of employees. Incorporating a point system for counting attendance keeps employees’ attention in place.

The fact that everyone has an equal opportunity of earning points will push the hospitality staff to show there on time and work. The points are exchanged for gift cards or bonuses.

Offer flexible working hours.

A staffing agency must offer flexible working systems to new hires for better shift management and full-time job sharing. There’s nothing better than having flexible shifts to work. Especially when the employees have to jump between family responsibilities and workload, having fixed working hours and not following them can hamper their attendance.

No micromanaging.

Micromanaging demotivates your employees like nothing else. With micromanaging, they feel like you do not trust them. You may want to take a back foot and give them more responsibility.

Survey employee engagement.

The most acceptable way to check employee engagement is a simple survey. It helps to determine the degrees of employee satisfaction, what is going well, and what’s not working right among them.

How do they feel about their jobs, workplace culture, etc.? The best part about the surveys is finding the loopholes. Once you have seen them, take the initiative to fix them.

Try new ways out.

Sometimes your hospitality business requires shifting hours from employees. For this, you can suggest car share to prevent employees from missing work for any reason. And, never forget the importance of attendance right from the first round of interviews.

A Miami staffing agency will identify the applicant’s perspective on the importance of regularity at work. Don’t forget about the applicant’s references and attendance record in previous work positions.

Be empathetic

Senior employees must show empathy towards juniors, especially the new hires, to blend in seamlessly. Listen to the worries of your staff and take proper actions to provide solutions.

Encourage breaks and time off.

To keep your hospitality staff high on efficiency, you must encourage time-off and breaks to avoid stress burnout as and when required. Another level of positivity hits an employee if the management makes efforts to understand their needs. Sooner you will be able to identify the productivity in your staff if they aren’t made to push beyond limits.

Maintain employee record

Big brands and large hospitality organizations have a massive number of employees. It becomes tedious for their performance and attendance records to be in place. Besides, the managers get cumbersome to record when an employee begins and finishes his shift.

It’s better to keep suitable technologies. Ensure they are installed on your employees’ phones and update them in and out timings.

Sometimes employees are not coming out as productive. We suggest trying out some of the above-mentioned strategic actions. These tactics will help the employees work for the organization’s benefit.

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