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How Safe Is Your Workspace

Marjorie is an office manager for a major issuance company based in Miami. A typical day at work for her consists of running to the office supply room to get items requested by her colleagues. Her other duties and responsibilities include answering phones, preparing payroll, record keeping, reviewing and approving supply requisitions; assigning and monitoring clerical functions; the list goes on and on. Though her days at work are often hectic and a bit stressful, Marjorie is able to balance daily duties and responsibilities with eloquent professionalism. But despite her strong ability to manage the ends and outs at her office, one day Marjorie gets injured on the job. It happened when she was in the supply room and was trying to lift a heavy box. She threw out her back. After getting help from a colleague, Marjorie reported the incident to her human resource department. The human resource officer filed the proper paperwork and as company protocol, Marjorie was sent to a medical doctor to examine her injuries.

Cases of employees getting injured on the job occur all across the United States on a daily basis. We at RMG Staffing acknowledge that employees are prone to get injured on the job no matter how many safety measures are put in place. But the implementation of the right safety measures does limit the number of employees who get injured. Recently, we held our annual Safety Standard Operating Procedure Meeting and Workshop. During the proceedings, our staff obtained and was updated on the correct way to respond if they or one of their colleagues get injured on the job. The topics of discussion included what one should immediately do after suffering an injury, how a supervisor should be contacted and the proper paperwork to be filed after suffering an injury.

“We follow strict guidelines in order to limit the number of injuries our great staff have on the job,” says CEO of RMG Staffing Ricardo Michelangeli. “Our safety brochure has step by step actions to adhere to when such cases occur. Our immediately desire is to make sure the injured employee gets medical attention if needed and in addition, our designated supervisor will make certain the other needs of the injured employee are met. I can’t recommend enough that all employers have these types of safety meetings and workshops on a consistent basis because an injured employee leads to an unhealthy company.”

In addition to our Safety Standard Operating Procedure Meeting and Workshop, we also conducted our annual catering, banquet, and events training. The proceeding consisted of informing our staff of the right actions to be taken during the hosting of our amazing clients’ events. Some of the topics of discussion included updating the staff on RMG’s culture, fundamentals and mission statement; grooming standards and what sets us apart from other companies; the do’s and don’ts in our events; helpful hints to being an exemplary team member and guest interactions procedures.

We at our RMG Staffing pride ourselves in being the best of the best. We don’t expect you to just take our word for it. Our annual Safety Standard Operating Procedure Meeting and Workshop and events training functions are proof that our excellence is shown through inspirational words, professional manner, and great actions.