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Staffing Industry Trends

Summer 2018 is almost here. At this moment we’re either preparing for summer vacation or getting ready to jump into the seasonal employment job market. For those of you who are gearing up for the summer job opportunities in the hospitality industry, you’ll be happy to hear that our economy is showing positive gains. Overall the staffing industry is doing exceptionally well and a large number of staffing firms are anticipating increases in revenue this year compared to 2017.  According to the 2018 North American Staffing & Recruiting Trends Report, the driving forces behind this growth are based on strategic planning devised by industry professionals who know how and what to prioritize.

Staffing firms top three priorities:

  • Increasing profitability (45%)
  • Driving top-line revenue growth (43%)
  • Improving candidate sourcing (42%)

Increasing profitability is always a top priority for any business and staffing firms are using technology and social media to bring in revenue. Firms are using the latest apps to build their network and obtain new clients. These apps schedule virtual meetings and help keep track of sales. In reference to social media, websites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram allows staffing firms to market their brand directly to consumers and clientele. In addition, social network websites like LinkedIn gives staffing firms a great platform for recruiting new talent to their team.

The other trends that are driving the staffing industry in 2018 include: 

  • Improving the management of client relationships
  • Expanding into new markets
  • Automating and accelerating recruiting and placement processes
  • Engaging candidates and improving the candidate experience
  • Increasing employment brand development and marketing

We at RMG Staffing understand what it takes to stay ahead of the pack. We constantly update ourselves on the latest trends in the industry. In addition to the previously mentioned priorities that are trending in the staffing industry for 2018, we also use various other initiatives to push our company and most importantly our clients to greater heights. These initiatives include improving our diversity, new interviewing tools in our hiring process and data collection.

Miami is a city of various cultures from all over the world. As a step to improve our diversity, we seek out employees of various backgrounds and skills. Our clients also come from a diverse background. Our interviewing tools are quite innovative. In addition to hosting open houses, we also implement tech-driven skill assessments in our interviewing process that guarantees our clients’ needs are met. Our in-house IT department is exceptionally gifted in troubleshooting. If there is ever a tech issue, they are quick to analyze the situation and resolve the matter in sufficient timing.  We’re almost halfway through 2018 and based on the current state of the staffing industry, we are looking to experience an exceptional ending for the year.