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How to Get a Better paying Job in Hospitality?

For some traveling as a hobby provides one of the biggest joys in life. And when you venture to places you have never visited; it opens your mind to a diverse set of cultures, languages, foods and exciting adventures. But traveling on a business trip also provides the opportunity to experience those same pleasures. Whether you’re on a vacation or a business trip, the hospitality industry provides the lifeline for all of your travel experiences.

Due to people’s consistent desire to travel, the hospitality industry provides great opportunities for people looking for a stable career. One can land a high-paying job within the industry. According to industry experts, the top well-paid jobs in hospitality include event manager, travel agent, sommelier, restaurant manager, hotel general manager, executive chef, and casino director.

Based on location and the size of the company, the salary for an event manager may start at $40,000 and go as high as $200,000. The general duties and responsibilities include planning, organizing and managing events of various sizes. Event managers provide much-needed guidance during the selection process of the catering company that will service an event. They also help choose the space an event will be held and arrange special accommodations for guests. A travel agent’s salary may start at the $40,000 a year range but don’t usually go beyond $100,000. Their duties and responsibilities deal with booking flights and hotels for clients in addition to arranging itineraries. The salary for a sommelier may start as low as the previously described salaries buy can surpass them. Sommeliers are experts in the beverage industry. They help restaurants select the best alcoholic beverage and they also educate private citizens and companies on the best wines in the market. Sommeliers have extensive knowledge and those who are well-qualified and highly paid for their intelligence.

The other well-paid jobs in the hospitality industry that includes restaurant manager, hotel general manager, executive chef, and casino director are amongst the highest and may command an unlimited salary. Like all highly paid careers, the first step to landing these top jobs in the hospitality industry begins with obtaining an education and a college degree. Almost every major college and university offers programs in the hospitality industry.

Some career experts suggest getting an internship while you’re still in college and others say landing one after graduating is equally beneficial. A college degree provides the knowledge one would need and the internships open the door to getting professional experience and building your network. Landing an internship with the best and most reputable company is plays a key role in you getting well-paid jobs in the hospitality industry.

Here are some important factors to consider in your pursuit of getting a better paying job in hospitality:

  •  Work with a staffing agency because they have built relationships already
  • Develop leadership skills
  • Cross-train to expand your skill sets
  • Establish yourself as an expert in the field
  • Take Smart Risks
  • Get noticed

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