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Want A Top Hospitalities Job? An Excellent Resume Helps

Finding the right job in hospitalities often means networking in specific key ways. Whether you are working with staffing services or employment companies, or making the rounds solo, some practical tips will help you land a good job in the industry.

One of these principles that has helped many job seekers is the creation of a compelling, well presented resume that showcases a job applicant’s skills and previous experience. So how do you create a good resume? It’s not just “putting in the right stuff” – although listing the most relevant experiences and qualifications is important, there’s also the issue of presentation and how your resume makes its way through an HR department.

The “Topography” of a Prize-Winning Resume

Many of the best resumes achieve a kind of “white space convention” that makes them more readable, and more likely to get noticed. Some points that are useful here include:

  • Putting the contact information up front (usually center aligned) – and making sure it’s accurate!
  • Separating key parts of a resume with lines or borders
  • Keeping education and background slim and diving into key past experiences

On this last point, resume makers can often benefit from putting their last few jobs “above the fold” (less than 2/3 of the way down the first page) in order to make sure that they are accessible. Including neatly highlighted or bolded job descriptions or job titles helps.

Showing a Path

HR managers are going to want to see that the applicant is making progress in going toward a desired role. For instance, if you are applying for a GM position, having a clearly charted chain of jobs on the resume (i.e. from shift manager to sales manager or financial handler) can help.

Generally, the most prominent jobs should be relevant. Putting a large amound of unrelated work experience in the top portion of a resume can be a career killer. It can throw off the reader and send a resume from the “to-do” pile to the trash can.

Use Appropriate Keywords

Another way that job applicants in hospitalities hedge their bets is by including certain relevant key words related to skills or industry standards. For instance, in hospitalities, you may want to make sure that items like the following get “salted in” somewhere:

  • Money Handling
  • Front Desk Administration
  • Shift or Workforce Management
  • Guest Services

In addition, adding certifications or referring to industry trade standards can also generate some good resume keywords. Keywords are universally effective on a resume; that is, they stand out to both human and computer readers. Simply put, they convey a lot of information quickly, orienting a reader in staffing services, or at a hiring department, toward what really matters about an applicant’s past experience.

For more about the best ways to network for hospitalities, contact the professionals at RMG Staffing. We are more than happy to discuss any questions you may have during your job search.