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How to Stay on Track with Your 2020 Resolutions: A Guide to Hospitality Professionals

How to Stay on Track with Your 2020 Resolutions: A Guide to Hospitality Professionals

Avoid Negativity

Before anything else, you should remove anything and everything that puts you down. All your positive efforts will be affected by negativity. One great idea is to maintain a journal. According to the University of Rochester Medical Center, the practice of journaling things down battles depression, stress, and anxiety.

Take up a New Challenge Every Week

Most of us tend to avoid and resist change, not knowing that it’s regarded as one of the biggest weaknesses in today’s ever-changing business world. An effective technique to address this is to take up one challenge every week, starting with the easier ones. This could be anything from improving your time management to changing your attitude towards your colleagues, etc. Once you get accustomed to change, nothing will be able to beat you off-track.

Love Your Job

More than 70% of the people faced with depression reach that state because they don’t enjoy doing their work, even if they’re passionate about it. No matter how satisfying your career is, it is no good to pressurize yourself with never-ending targets. First of all, make it a point to love your job. If you don’t have a job you love, switch careers, make a move towards a more happy and positive environment, full of new energy and passionate people who share the same goals of success. Then, do everything you can do to make it fun.

Stay in Touch with the Right People and Find Your Mentors

One of the most long-lasting favors you can do to yourself is building and retaining a valuable professional network with like-minded, driven individuals. You certainly want to stick to your college friends but this doesn’t mean you don’t let other people enter your life at all. Call back all the friendly people you worked with in your previous job. A mentor, for example, the operations manager at a busy staffing agency, a hotel manager or agency CEO can improve your daily life, thrive to do better, and show you how to achieve your career goals, fill in the blanks and improve your skills and knowledge. This will boost your confidence and satisfaction at your career choice. You will do great!

Be Yourself

It is necessary for you to be able to connect with guests in a meaningful way, Regardless of where you work we encourage employees to be themselves and build stronger bonds with their clients and colleagues, which ultimately improves customer experience and loyalty. A great sense of humor goals a long way. Laughter brings joy to the workplace as well as client relationships.

Shoot for 5-star Reviews

Top employees are awarded vacations, free dinners, trips, and many other perks. Your attitude is everything. Emotionally intelligent employees receive genuine responses from hotel guests and restaurant clients. Shoot for the stars, be enthusiastic, create a great guest experience and travel sites will fill with positive opinions about your guest’s experience.

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