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Recruitment News in Florida

The recruitment industry provides career opportunities to around 17 million people a year, making it an important contributor to the US economy. The industry ensures that the right people are at the right jobs according to the skill sets they possess.

Overview of the Staffing Industry

Staffing companies provide a wide range of services including human resource consulting, outplacement, outsourcing, permanent placing, contract hiring and temporary hiring. There are a total of 20,000 staffing and recruitment companies in the US, operating in approximately 39,000 offices, and the number is continuously growing. Staffing services have been on the rise, and the industry saw its sales increase by 3.9% in 2018, rising up to $167 billion.

An overview of the 2017 national staffing statistics shows that annual employment amounted to 15.5 million, which is a huge jump from the year before. The average contract employees each week amounted to 3.2 million, with an average tenure of 10.7 weeks. It can also be seen that the average annual earnings per job amounted to $37,700. The temporary/contract staffing sales amounted to $133.9 billion and the approximate number of offices amounted to 35,510.

Around 74% of offices and 55% of companies are in the sector that handles temporary and contract staffing. Contract staffing and temporary sales cumulatively came up to $138.5 billion in 2018, according to the latest annual data from the ASA Staffing Employment and Sales Survey, which is a spike of 3.4% over 2017. Search and placement sales went up by 6.3% in 2018, according to Staffing Industry Analysts.

Staffing and Recruitment in Florida

Staffing agencies get millions of people matched to jobs every day. In Florida, 856,100 workers were employed by the staffing firms, which is approximately 6% of the entire nation’s annual employment.

Average annual earnings per job amount to $37,200, which is slightly lower than the nation’s average annual earnings per job. The estimated number of offices in Florida is 2340, which is approximately 7% of the country’s offices. The total annual sales in Florida amounted to $9.2 billion and the average temporary help workers each week amounted to 176,100.

A glance at the Florida temporary health sector shows that 21% of its sales were from the engineering, IT and scientific sector, 32% from the healthcare sector, 7% from the industrial sector, 12% from the administrative and office-clerical sector, 4% from the professional-managerial sector and 24% from uncategorized sectors.

This highlights the fact that the healthcare sector is expanding greatly in Florida, and a lot of people prefer to work in this sector, which represents a paradigm shift from the industrial sector.

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