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Staffing Employment Keeps Rising

The staffing industry is now at an all-time high. In 2016, it was reported that close to 16 million American workers held positions as a temp or contractor for a staffing agency. These positions brought in $120 billion in revenue, $13 billion more than what Amazon profited last year.

“The staffing industry used to be mostly light industrial and clerical,” states Sarah Gardner of “Think Kelly Girls, those white-gloved office workers who typed fast and filled in when the boss’ secretary went on vacation. Now, temps are everywhere, and more of them are working in high-wage, high-skill jobs. Temps can be chief financial officers, engineers, and doctors. Healthcare and IT have been among the fastest-growing categories.”

The staffing industry’s high growth shows significant increases in the hotel and hospitality sector

“During the last several months, the number of people coming into Miami hasn’t grown as much as it used to, but even in January of 2017 we had 1.1% more visitors than we had in January of 2016,” said Rolando Aedo, executive vice president and chief marketing officer for the Greater Miami Convention & Visitors Bureau told Miami Today News.

The next highest increases in RevPAR were reported in Washington, D.C.-Maryland-Virginia (+5.0% to US$113.49); Miami/Hialeah, Florida (+4.6% to $128.68); and San Diego, California (+4.3% to $178.33).

Revenue per available room (RevPAR) is a performance metric used in the hotel industry and is calculated by multiplying a hotel’s average daily room rate (ADR) by its occupancy rate. It may also be calculated by dividing a hotel’s total room revenue by the total number of available rooms in the period being measured.

The staffing industry is very dependent on tourists. When they book vacations or business trips, hotels then increase their staffs, which is where we, RMG Staffing comes in, supplying the demand.

U.S. Department of Commerce: 

“From a business perspective, temporary workers offer flexibility and possibly savings relative to hiring workers directly onto company payrolls. Temporary workers allow firms to use labor for shorter periods of time without a long-term commitment and without the cost of offering benefits, such as paid leave, health insurance, or a retirement plan. Temp workers also free businesses from the high costs of hiring and firing workers. Part-time workers offer companies some, but not all, of these potential savings and flexibility. From the workers’ perspective, temporary work might be attractive for people seeking a better work-life balance, more flexible hours, higher job mobility, or the opportunity to experience work in different industries.”

The holiday season is upon us. 2017 is about to end. If the previous months are any indication of what lies ahead, the staffing industry should see an explosive end of the year bang. And just we have been there throughout the years; RMG Staffing will continue to grow and will continue to provide our clients with great services.