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In order to achieve success in their career, one must make intricate plans, simultaneously balance multiple job tasks, have precise time management skills, and be able to properly maneuver through unpredictable circumstances. 

One of the biggest challenges in the staffing industry is the increasing difficulty in finding great talent. Not every candidate who walks through the door will have the skills and experience employers require. This “skills gap,” of what employers want and need their employees to be able to do, is an uphill battle for staffing agencies.

“The only way to do great work is to love what you do,” the great CEO of Apple Inc. Steve Jobs once stated.

We at RMG Staffing love what we do. We love meeting people who come from various walks of life and we love figuring out how to match these wonderful people who have great sets of skills with the right employer. It’s definitely a challenge in finding the right one but it’s also a great joy in maneuvering small pieces to create a really great body of work.       

A second great challenge in the staffing agency is the effectiveness of one’s recruiting tools. Referrals are the primary avenue candidates appear on the radar and according to a recent analysis, referrals have become archaic. Websites such as LinkedIn, Indeed, CareerBuilder, Monster, Simply Hired, Dice have done a decent job in helping to curve the issue but the key to being successful with referrals is to bridge technology with a personal touch. In addition to using the vast resources of technology, when it comes to referrals we at RMG Staffing also utilize venues such educational institutions and open houses in order to stay ahead of the pack. Rather we are putting together an event for a client or an event to recruit prospective candidates, RMG Staffing makes sure a venue caterers to everyone’s need.

“It’s important to understand how people organize themselves in a space. In terms of venue, striking a good balance between outdoor and indoor spaces is a great idea. The venue makes the event, not the other way around.” COO of Tech Open Air Jacopo Luperi says about the psychology in choosing the right venue for an event. 

A third and final challenge we see the staffing industry is facing is in data management. A lot of agencies use spreadsheets to keep track of staffing and employment metrics. This data has to be implemented by typing or copy and pasting. It is a mundane task that accumulates a lot of valuable time that would have been more useful if spent elsewhere. In our data management department, spreadsheets are one of the infinite resources we have at our disposal. We have a large number of indexes that are meticulously organized to keep us up-to-date with the latest trends and helps us make well-educated forecasts.

RMG Staffing has been able to continue to provide great talent to our clients because we know how stressful finding the right person can be. No matter how great your plans are, things will happen but we also know, a well trained, experienced professional will always exceed expectations on the job market, despite the difficulties. In our decade of experience in the staffing agency, we have seen it all and certainly helped our gracious clients swim through rough currents.