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How to Write a Great Resume

A resume is the first introduction an employer has to a prospective employee. As a person who has gone or is on the job hunt, you know how nerving racking it can be in trying to write the perfect resume. But truth be told, there isn’t really such a thing as the perfect resume. In any job post, an employer sees hundreds to thousands of applicants. You are competing against other candidates, and every candidate doesn’t have the same resume. Every candidate who goes through the application process comes from various walks of life and has diverse employment experiences.

“One day you open your inbox and there it is: an email alert about a new job posting that describes your dream job, with a company you’ve always wanted to work for! You feel a mixture of excitement and anxiety — this sounds like the perfect opportunity, but what can you do to make sure you land an interview?,” contributing writer Melanie Haselmayr writes in Forbes magazine.

So how do you improve your chances in getting a callback from an employer after submitting your resume? How do you write the almost perfect resume? Here are a few tips.

Stand out with the title of your resume

How do you make your resume stand out? Your unique name wouldn’t work. Having a catchy or great career objective will tell an employer your philosophy to doing a great job and it all tells a little about your awesome personality

Tailor your resume to the job description.

Employers post various duties and responsibilities for the same job post and most likely, you have performed all sorts of duties and responsibilities for that same job. Tailoring your resume for each job description allows your chances to improve in getting a callback from a prospective employer.

Fully describe the duties and responsibilities of each job you put on your resume.

Filling your resume with awesome titles without well-described duties and responsibilities won’t do. It won’t get you a callback but a paragraph of everything you did won’t do either. The key is having a highlight of what you performed but also giving details when needed. A rule of thumb is to but the highest responsibilities you performed. 

Add extra skills, extracurricular activities, and highly regarded memberships to your resume.

What else have you done besides being great at your job? Employers are not looking to higher machines. They are looking for great candidates with great work experiences, exceptional people skills and those who have a life outside of their jobs.

Lastly, writing a resume and getting a job is a long and often nerve-racking experience. The better prepared you are in crafting a resume that contains work experiences and shows your personality, the better you will do in the job market.

If you have questions or need help with your resume, our Human Resources department at RMG Staffing will be happy to assist you in your next career move.