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The Top Traits of Successful Hospitality Employees

Millions of Americans are employed in the hospitality industry — and many couldn’t imagine working anywhere else. It’s an area with a wide variety of career options, but this field isn’t a great fit for everyone, as a very special personality is needed to succeed. If you’re a professional considering entering the industry or an employer searching for workers to join your team, learn seven traits needed to excel in the hospitality sphere.


Most employees in the hospitality industry are frequently face to face with customers, so being friendly and outgoing is a must. If clients are made to feel unwelcome by a rude, unpleasant staff member, they’ll take their business elsewhere.

Team Player

First and foremost, the job of hospitality industry employees is to provide guests with an outstanding experience. Each staffer has a defined role, but the customer is always the number one focus, so people have to be willing to pitch in anywhere they’re needed.


Working with some customers can be trying, but the best hospitality workers are always able to remain calm and collected. Incredibly tolerant, these people don’t sweat the small stuff. Their easy-going disposition always makes guests feel comfortable and appreciated.

Good Listener

The ability to listen attentively is a must in the hospitality industry. Whether tending to the needs of a guest or taking directions from a supervisor, employees must listen carefully so they can take the appropriate action.

Excellent Multitasker

Everything moves at rapid pace in this industry, so employees must have the capacity to do many things at once. For example, bartenders must be able to greet customers sitting down at the bar, while making drinks for those who have just ordered.


Staying organized is the secret to successful multitasking, so employees need the capacity to put a system in place to maintain order at all times. Everything takes longer when working in a constant state of disarray.


In this industry, it’s often the little things that mean the most, so staffers must pay attention to every last detail. For example, you want a hotel housekeeper who takes the time to carefully inspect every surface in the room to ensure not a speck of dirt is left, instead of someone who tries to get their job done as quickly as possible.

The hospitality industry is a major force in Miami. Whether you’re a professional searching for a new challenge or an employer trying to find top talent to staff your company, RMG Staffing is here to assist. Contact us to today to learn more about our exemplary staffing solutions and outstanding career opportunities in a variety of roles.