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Are You Losing Your Top Performers?

Every person on your team contributes to the success of your company, but you probably have a few star employees who never cease to amaze you. Not only are these people trustworthy and reliable, they work circles around everyone else and always produce amazing results.

Receiving a resignation letter from even one of these people is enough for you to enter panic mode. If your top performers seem to be making a mass exit, it’s time to make some major changes. People don’t quit without a reason, so take an honest look at your company’s working conditions to find the problem. Get started by learning a few common reasons top talent opts to head elsewhere.

Below Average Salaries

People who truly love their work aren’t solely motivated by money, but they have to earn enough to enjoy a comfortable lifestyle. The best and brightest professionals know their talents are worth a premium, so if you’re not willing to even meet the industry average, they’ll have no trouble finding a company eager to pay what their worth.

Lack of Challenging Work

Top performers aren’t content coming into work each day and doing the same mundane job. If you want to keep them engaged, you need to constantly challenge them with interesting projects that really make them think. For these people, work stops being enjoyable when it becomes too predictable.

No Room to Grow

No matter how much they enjoy your company, the most ambitious professionals aren’t willing to stay in the same position forever. If a highly motivated employee is currently treading water in a dead-end job, don’t expect them to be there too much longer. Create new opportunities at your company for these people to grow their career, so they’re not forced to look elsewhere.

Constant Micromanaging

Running a business is hard work, so it’s completely understandable you like to maintain control. However, holding the reigns too tight is a great way to send talented employees running. Your best workers have repeatedly proven themselves to you. Stop hovering over their shoulders, and give them the freedom to complete assignments on their own terms.

Unhealthy Work-Life Balance

Your best employees may really love their work, but that doesn’t mean they don’t need room in their lives for other things. If you constantly force your team to work overtime, veto vacation requests and regularly contact them during their off-hours, you’re not allowing them to enjoy a well-balanced life. If your company has more work than you can keep up with, hire additional staff to share the burden, so your employees don’t succumb to burnout.

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