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What to Do if You Are Not Called After an Interview

We all have had that moment. The experience in prepping up for a job interview, dressing in our best business attire, being nervous during the interview but giving great responses to questions. We walk out of the room with great confidence, knowing we landed the job. But once we get home, we spent the rest of the day wondering why they hadn’t immediately called us back to say, “you’re hired’. 24 hours go by and no phone call. Another day goes by, and still no call. We spent the rest of the week second guessing ourselves. Did we do enough prepping? Did we wear the right clothing? Were those responses we gave good enough?

Why do some recruiters never call prospective employees back after conducting an interview?

The term is called ghosting— the act of a company vanishing, going dark or pulling away at some point in the hiring process without any explanation. The word originating in the online dating world where two people discovered each other online, exchange messages and then one of them suddenly disappear without a trace. Though the job market has nothing to do with the “Catfish” like dating world, sadly, job seekers have had to deal with the same outcome.

Why do some employers don’t call back after an interview? The simple answer is that you didn’t get the job and rather calling you to inform you of the sad news, some employers rather avoid an awkward situation by not calling and hoping you get the hint. A more complicated answer may be that the person who interviewed you is sick and is not reporting to work until he or she gets better. Maybe he or she got fired and the company may have decided to restart the hiring process all over again. Another reason may be that the company went out of business or the position may no longer be available due to budgeting. In any case, not being called back after an interview happens to us all and if you currently find yourself in this situation here are some advice that might be of help.

1. Send a short e-mail inquiry

If you really think you were extremely qualified for the job and had performed a great interview, sending a short and sweet inquiry and asking your recruiters on rather they had chosen a candidate would mostly get you some type of reply. The rule of thumb is to wait at least a week before sending that e-mail.

2. Give them a call

Wait until a week has gone by and if the company hasn’t called you after an interview, kindly give them a call. Remember always be polite during the phone call and be sure to thank them for the opportunity even if you ended up with bad news.

• If e-mailing or calling the company doesn’t work and you still haven’t found out if you were selected, just realize that competition is great and you are well-qualified, there are thousand more positions available and discuss the next opportunity with your recruiter. Don’t give up. Nothing in this world can take the place of persistence. Call us or email your resume to