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Common Mistakes Experienced Candidates Make

Getting a call inviting you to interview for a job you’re really interested in always feels great. Whether you have decades of experience in the hospitality industry or have only been in the field for a short time, you probably feel much more secure about the interview process than you did when you were just starting out. Going into a job interview with confidence is great, but don’t lose sight of reality and accidently make one of these mistakes commonly committed by experienced candidates.

Being Unprepared

You have more than a few job interviews under your belt, but that doesn’t mean you don’t need to prepare for this one. Assuming you already have the skills to wing it will get you nothing but a rejection letter. No two interviews are the same, so if you don’t carefully review the job description, conduct research on the company and come up with great questions specific to the position, the hiring manager will see right through you.

Appearing Uninterested in the Job

No one wants to hire a candidate who doesn’t seem to care whether or not they get the job. Showing up with an attitude or acting disinterested will impress no one. Arrive on time, dress professionally and display genuine enthusiasm for the position. If you can’t muster up the ability to appear excited about the position, it’s clearly not a good fit, so instead of wasting everyone’s time, cancel the meeting — but don’t wait until the last minute to do so.

Speaking Negatively About a Former Employer

There’s a good chance you’re looking for a new job because you’re seriously unhappy at your current one, but keep this under wraps. No one wants to hire a disgruntled person who has no problem tarnishing their employer’s reputation. The hiring manager will assume you’re a liability, as you may eventually grow discontent with this job, causing you to speak negatively of the company to other employers. It doesn’t matter how badly your boss has wronged you, keep all negative thoughts to yourself.

Failing to Ask the Right Questions

As a seasoned professional, you know you need to ask questions during the interview, but all inquiries do not carry equal weight. Focusing on surface-level topics like salary and vacation days too soon sets the wrong tone. Instead, dig deeper and ask about company culture, training and growing your career with the organization. These questions demonstrate your interest in this specific opportunity, which is what the interviewer wants to see.

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