Light Industrial Staffing

Our recruiter panel is the market leader in the light industrial sector.

Light Industrial Staffing

RMG has the best staffing team in Miami that can help you locate hard-to-find talent in the light industry, saving a lot of your time and energy.

RMG has the best recruitment experts in Miami that can help you locate hard-to-find talent in the light industry, saving a lot of your time and energy. Let us see why temporary staffing agencies are the best option to hire talent for your light industry!

  • Laser Focus: RMG has a team of graduated hiring managers and recruiters that possess laser-focused skills to assess the job seekers’ talent and provide you a vital member of your industrial workforce.
  • Effective Interview: Our interview panel always conducts a productive interview, checks the job seekers’ temperament and skills by creating different situations, and provides you with a perfect candidate that deserves your job position. We asses the employees needs for example if they need temp to hire or permanent position.
  • Thorough Assessment: The experience and skills are not enough for a perfect employee. Instead, an ideal candidate should be consistent, hardworking, supportive, and have enough communication skills for teamwork. Our team is well aware of all these necessities. Therefore, we assess all the above properties in every candidate in the recruitment process.temporary staffing agencies

People Are Our Most Valuable Resource


At our staffing firm, first, we assess ,for the light industrial jobs, the candidate's skills and professionalism at work via industrial work, tool testing, specific job skills, problem-solving ability, and identifying whether the worker is suitable for the position.

Interview Screening

A person's communication skills, consistency, and temperament are continuously assessed in the interview. Therefore, our team members arrange a productive discussion to check the skills mentioned earlier by creating different situations and observing how the candidate reacts.

Other Assessment Procedures

Later on, we assess other factors such as drug testing and psychological health that can be critical at the worksite. Additionally, we check job references, personal background and verify all the information provided on the resume to assess different abilities.

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