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The Challenge of Motivating the Workforce

Motivating employees to go above and beyond is always a challenge for employers. Sometimes extra money incentives might not be enough even when employees are given bonuses. Besides money, some companies conduct personal retreats and provide their employees other social incentives such as extra days off or work-from-home opportunities in order to uplift and motivate their workforce. 

“Instilling motivation is a challenge for many business owners. This quality is in a quite short supply in the corporate world, which is a shame considering the benefits all players can reap. Workers who are motivated and satisfied pull their weight and do not hesitate to work their fingers to the bone if need be. “This leads to improved productivity across the board, something that impacts the entire company. Also, businesses that inspire motivation are able to attract more talent and achieve much better retention rates.” – Ricardo Michelangeli, RMG Staffing.

But quite honestly, it takes a collective of ideas and solutions to push employees above and beyond. Here are five ways employers can motivate their employees to go the distance.   


Make sure employees understand each other. Employees don’t follow leaders who they don’t really know or understand. Your team needs to see you as a real person who’s not perfect but who has a real vision for the company.  One of the best ways to help people get to know you is by story telling and connecting on a personal level.

Financial incentives

Employees are employees because they work for money, and additional income will certainly urge them to go that extra mile. 

Honor and create a professional persona

If you create a loyal company culture, you will get loyal employees.  No matter what their positions are, or how well they perform at their jobs, all employees want to be respected and valued for their time and contributions.

Positive reinforcement

Feedback, given to employees and those given to employers by employees is extremely important. 

Don’t sweat the small stuff

Employees do mistakes but eventually they get the job done. Addressing employees’ small mistakes but not punishing them for it, brings about positive output from the employee.

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