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How Not to Cut Corners: 10 Questions that Improves Human Resource IQ

Oops! is a common word one sometimes use to describe a mistake he or she accidentally did. But when it comes to the hiring process employers go through in interviewing prospective employees or the undertaking staffing agencies partake in when it comes matching the right personnel with the right job, if done incorrectly, a mistake will probably be more than an oops, more like a catastrophe. Worst case scenario is when lawyers have to get involved. If you are in the business of keeping people in business then human resource IQ is something you should definitely ascertain.   

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10 Questions that Improves Human Resource IQ   

Finding and acquiring skilled candidates for organizational needs, while meeting all labor requirements is a strong and ethical guideline to follow, Teresa Walker, HR Coordinator at RMG Staffing says in reference to elevating one’s human resource IQ. LinkedIn marketing executive Lydia Abbot told Business Insider, “To be a great recruiter [of talent] today, you have to be part artist and part scientist.”

It’s an intricate and meticulous process, that is why the staffing industry is a billion dollar industry. Companies pay third parties top dollar to make sure they are equipped with the best personnel to help push profits towards soaring heights. Rather you have an in-house human resource department, you’re a recruiter or a staffing agency, here are ten top topics you should address when it comes to matching the right person with the right job.    

Constantly Improve Your Screening Process

An average job posting tends to get hundreds of responses. If you address requirements and qualifications clearly, then you will be able to limit a number of unqualified applicants. Also, updating the screening process on a consistent basis helps tremendously. 

Ask the Right Questions

The resume is the first insight into a candidate’s work experience. The second and sometimes the best insight may come from asking the right questions. These questions are based on what you see and don’t see on the resume. Also, it’s always good to ask the candidate what he or she would do in certain scenarios.

Know what Questions that are ‘illegal’ to ask

  • What country are you from? Where were you born?
  • What is your native language?
  • Which religious holidays do you observe?
  • What religion do you practice?
  • Do you have or plan to have children?
  • How many children do you have?
  • Do you have childcare arrangements in place if we need you to work out of hours?
  • We’ve always had a woman/man in this role.
  • How do you think you will handle it?
  • How far would your commute be?
  • Do you belong to any clubs or organizations?
  • How tall are you?
  • How much do you weigh?

Use Google to Verify Resumes

Sometimes candidates may stretch the truth in their resumes. Doing proper Internet research helps screen out inconsistencies. 

Check References

Most employees don’t usually check references until the final stage of hiring a candidate, checking references should be amongst the first steps taken. 

Gather Feedback

Asking the candidate if he or she have any questions is always great in improving your process.

Stay in Touch with Candidates You Don’t Hire

Sometimes a candidate who didn’t match for one job might one day be the best candidate for a future position so keeping in touch with the people you interview is  beneficial to both parties.

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