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What’s Trending in the Staffing Industry in 2017

Are you one of those companies having difficulty finding a well-respected staffing agency to fit your human resource needs? Do you have an event lined up and can’t seem to find the right staff that provide excellent service with an impeccable attention to detail? Or maybe you’re just in the need of a temporary payroll solution? If so, you’re one of the thousands of companies around the globe that depends on a third party to meet company goals.

The staffing, recruiting and workforce solutions industry is the blood line for America and the global workforce. Without it, the world’s economy would move at an incredibly slower speed. Think of any industry in any country, and most likely they hired a third party at one time or another to assist them in reaching their human resource and company goals. In the past, companies that sought the services of staffing agencies have had a difficult time in finding the right group to service their needs. Prior to the early 2000s, staffing trends were pretty archaic. But with the general improvement of technology and the rise of social media, the staffing, recruiting and workforce solutions industry had been able to implement wondrous strategies to reach their clients’ goals.

Just recently, LinkedIn released its annual Global Staffing Trends report for 2017. Some of the highlights of the report state that companies’ overall growth, the competitive search for top talent and doing more with less is a top priority. Here are some key point addressed in the report:

  • 68% of staffing firms sees their firms growing comparison to 2016, and they say they expect to hire more recruiters (56%), sources (32%), branding specialists (28%), and coordinators (17%). Also, 79% sees increases in the volume of their workforce in 2017.
  • Most firms place candidates in less than 2 months. 39% report it takes them less than 1 month, 44% say it takes them 1-2 months, and 14% report taking 3-4 months to place candidates.
  • Top challenges leaders say their teams are faced with include: competition for talent (58%); business development (38%); limited budget (30%); small recruiting team (25%); and poor communication with hiring managers (20%).
  • 53% expect their budgets to increase in 2017. Half of these budgets go to traditional sources (job boards/advertising, recruiting tools), with unlimited funds the report says staffing firms would prioritize business development (49%), branding (34%), and investing in better sourcing tools (34%).
  • 82% of the stop staffing firms agree that investing in brand generates new business, the reports state that 10% of their budget goes to such cause. Measurement of brand: traffic to our career website (45%); response to emails/InMails (43%); social media engagement (35%); number of social media followers (27%); and survey data on potential candidates’ perceptions (21%).
  • Prediction for the incoming years: using social and professional networks to generate new business (55%); recruiting more diverse candidates (30%), innovative interviewing tools (29%); candidate relationship management tools (29%); and using big data (28%).

We’re half way into 2017 and based on LinkedIn’s report, the rest of the year and beyond will see great growth in the staffing, recruiting and workforce solutions industry. The South Florida market is expected to reflect this trend especially since the summer season usually brings in a huge influx of economic activity within the region. Tourists will flock to the beaches, hotels will get filled close to maximum capacity and an abundance of diners will visit restaurants. In between, there is a tremendous amount of other companies that will need staffing agencies to meet consumer demands.

Located in Miami, we at RMG Staffing takes pride in bringing together top-quality employees to employers. Our specialty includes hospitality management for both front of the house and back of the house management, banquets and events. And if your company has particular needs that demand meticulous attention, we at RMG Staffing can customize our services to meet your goals. We have provided exceptional service to some of the top and best companies in South Florida. Based on the significant trends that are happening in the staffing agency, we at RMG are in a beautiful position to keep our clients thriving.